Chapter 199: They’re all coming to greet us, huh?

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Our entry point to the ruins was in a corner of a railway station built underneath the royal capital.

This entry point we would be using was not the ruin’s intended entrance. Rather, it was simply the part where the railway system happened to ran into when it was being expanded by my double.

In fact, when we entered it, we found ourselves in the corner of a corridor.


The corridor’s floor and walls seemed to be made of stone.


“It’s so dark here we can’t see anything. I guess it’s safe to assume that this place is manmade and not a dungeon.”


Alec-san, the experienced adventurer, said so.

He apparently had explored ruins like this one before.


“Let me light provide some light.”


Gai-san, who possessed the [White Magic] Gift, said so and then made the tip of the staff he held glow. Controlling light was a kind of white magic.

Thanks to that, we were able to see further ahead.


It was then that we noticed a silhouette in the distance. By what I could make of it, it seemed to almost be wriggling.


“Ha, they sure didn’t waste time to show up.”


Raul said so sneeringly.


The silhouette that approached us while making eerie, rattling noises turned out to be a skeleton.

When that became clear to us, Hazena immediately screamed.


“A skeleton!?”

“Yes. Ruins like this tend to have many undead creatures, including skeletons.”


The one to inform us of that was Marin-san at the back.

A woman of about 20 years of age, she provided Raul with regular support as his adjutant.

She seemed to be a stern beauty, but then again, she had dog-like ears. Yes, she looked like she descended from a group of people called beastmen.


At any rate, even though the skeleton was nothing but a, well, skeleton, it moved quite quickly.

Thankfully, Noel-kun was already prepared to bash it away with his shield.

Alec-san then followed up by swinging his large sword down to where the skeleton fell. His blow was so powerful that the enemy’s skull up to its ribs were smashed to pieces while the rest of it scattered to the surrounding.

It was unable to move at all afterwards.




“…they’re all coming to greet us, huh?”


New ones began emerging from the shadows one after the other.

1, 2, 3, 4! 4 of them!


“Here I go! Fire Javelin!”


Hazena-san said so and fired off a magic attack.

Her spear made of flames shot forward and burned all the skeletons ahead.


More skeletons appeared as we continued forward, but none of them posed any real threat to us.

Most were dispatched right away by Alec-san’s party, so Selen grew kind of bored.


“Hmp, another weakling.”


Skeletons also approached us from behind, but Raul quickly took care of them.

…yup, having Raul as an ally sure is helpful.


“This way!”


Kamuru-san told us the direction we should take. It might be because he was more experienced in this kind of stuff now, but he was clearly more assertive than he was before.

This place was definitely labyrinthine, but thanks to him, we were making progress.





After some good progress, we heard some moans ahead of us.


“Waa, so gross!”

“Zombies, huh.”


The zombies in front of us had pale yet blood-covered faces, tattered clothes, and gouged skin here and there that exposed even their bones.

Zombies were undead monsters that retained more of their previous selves, at least when compared to the skeletons earlier.




Despite being slow, the zombies were a bit durable. That said, Alec-san’s large sword still managed to slice them cleanly in two.

In addition, Gai-san also used his staff to easily crush the zombies’ heads.

Even the zombies posed no threat to us apparently.


“Huh, what’s the matter, Kamuru-san?”


When I noticed that Kamuru-san still hasn’t told us which direction we should take, I called out to him.


“Ahh, sorry…it just looks like that to be able to proceed, there’s a gimmick we must solve first.”


I followed his line of sight and saw a metal fence. Beyond that fence was the continuation of the path we were following.

Like what Kamuru-san said, it seemed like we needed to first solve how to get the fence to open up the path.

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