Chapter 198: I wouldn’t complain if that were the case

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<<Huh? You discovered some ruins beneath the capital?>>

<<Yup, I found it by accident when I was trying to build railways underground. I tried to investigate, but soon came across monsters and traps. It’s almost like a dungeon.>>


I was talking telepathically with the body double stationed in the royal capital.


<<I see now why you want some help.>>

<<Yup, after all, the village has many people who are experienced with dungeons thanks to the one there.>>


When I inquired further, it seemed like even the king had no knowledge on the existence of those ruins.

At best, the scholars theorized—based on remaining records—that it could be the ruins of an ancient empire that existed long before the founding of the kingdom.


<<Well, if the king asks for it, I can’t really say no…>>

<<It’s less that the king is asking this of us, and it’s more that Raul is insisting that we do it.>>



Raul, my brother, was currently staying in the capital so that he could help in making the kingdom’s army stronger.

Thanks to his efforts, he seemed to be relied upon by even the king.


<<I think I’d like to hear the full story.>>


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“Alright, ready?”


Raul looked around at everyone present at the entrance of the ruins and asked so.


“The monsters here seem strong and the traps quite troublesome. It’s better for us to assume that this is a high-difficulty dungeon. Be on your guard.”

“Wait a minute, why are you acting like you’re the leader?”


Selen pointed that out in a bit of an aggressive tone.

They were enemies on the battlefield not too long ago, so them not being on the best of terms was quite understandable.


However, despite the past, we have now formed an investigation team together for the aforementioned ruins.

The team was composed mostly of our villagers though. Raul’s side only had him and one other person.


“Ha? Because I’m the strongest one here, that’s why. And need I remind you, the king gave me the rank of general for my help in rebuilding the kingdom’s army.”

“Sure, but most of the members here are from the team that I lead. Plus, I have dungeon experience and you don’t. Of the two of us, I think I should be the leader.”

“Now, now, now, don’t fight, you two.”


I wedged myself between the two who were glaring at each other.


“We’re going to be working with each other, so let’s all get along, yeah?”


I tried to calm the tense atmosphere, but when I did, the two looked at me at the same time.


“Tsk, if you want us to get along, why don’t you lead? I wouldn’t complain if that were the case.”

“Yeah. I don’t mind if it’s you, Luke.”

“Ehh? Me?”


I was suddenly nominated as the leader. Moreover, for maybe the first time, the two were in agreement.


“I also think that’s a good idea.”

“I don’t have any objections to that.”

“The chief is the best for the job.”

“All of you too!?”


Philia-san, Selius-kun, and then Noel-kun also agreed.


“Haa…this is not really my specialty, but…”


Despite my uneasiness, I figured that me leading would still be better than Selen and Raul being at each other’s throats the whole time.

By the way, I was present here only through transferring my consciousness into a body double. This way, I could explore the ruins without any danger to me whatsoever.

…if not for this method, Selen would have never allowed me to join the investigation team.


“Well, let’s see…Alec-san, is it okay if your party goes in the front?”

“Yup, that’s perfectly okay. We’re probably the most experienced in dungeon-diving among us anyway.”

“Noel-kun, please be in the frontlines as well.”



And so, we planned our formation.

Alec-san and Noel-kun were to take the forefront.

Dill-san and Gai-san were next.

Hazena-san, and Kamuru-san—who had the [Labyrinth Exploration] Gift—were to follow.

After them would be me and Selen.

Philia-san would be paired with an elf with outstanding healing capabilities named Kurine-san.

Selius-kun would be right behind them.

And then, taking the tail end were Raul and Marin-san—a spear-wielding woman that was serving as Raul’s adjutant.


Our team was composed of 13 people.

Taking into account narrow corridors and other such things, we were actually pushing the limits of the number of people we should bring. Bringing in more people could potentially do more harm than good.

Oh, in case it needed to be said, I used teleportation to get all of us here.


Like that, we were ready to explore the ruins.

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