Chapter 192: How can you say that to a maiden!

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My plan to entrust the management of the railway system to the kingdom was a success, likely because I presented my case to the king himself.

Things like discussing with each local lord as well as the planning for the railway’s route have all been taken from my hands. Of course, the actual building of the railway system was still up to me. Well, more accurately, to my body doubles.


Also, after much deliberation, we have decided that instead of building the railway system above ground, we would build it under.

Trains and railways weren’t common knowledge yet in this world. So, if we built it above ground, a lot of people would be curious what the tracks were for and probably be run over by the trains.

In other words, I had to first build the underground tunnels that would connect the cities to each other. Like this though, we would be able to install the railway system with minimal changes to the landscapes of the involved cities.


The line from the royal capital to our wasteland village—by way of the original Albert’s capital and Riesen—has been given approval already. These areas were under the direct control of the royal family, after all.

After my body doubles have finished building it, we would likely hold a test run.


“Luke, let’s go ride the train again!”

“Luke-sama, why didn’t you take me with you as well?”


Selen—who seemed to have enjoyed riding trains—asked me so with sparkling eyes.

On the other hand, Millia looked at me reproachingly.


“Fufufu, I win~!”


Selen looked triumphant for some reason.

Didn’t you ride the train purely by chance?


<<Luke-sama! Urgent news!>>


At that moment, Satin contacted me via telepathy.

He sounded quite flustered, so I readied myself for something troublesome.


<<An absurd person just showed up in the village…!>>

<<An absurd person?>>

<<The guards at the gate are handling it at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time before that person insists on passing through.>>


I checked my map right away.


“Hmm? That’s weird…”


If a dangerous person was forcing their way through the gate, they should show as a red dot on my map. However, I could see nothing of the sort.

I decided that I should go look at things myself for the time being.


“Wait, I don’t know what’s going on, but take me with you!”


Sensing that I was troubled, Selen said so.

Thinking about the worst-case scenario, it would definitely be better to bring her along.

Like that, we teleported to the gate.


“Like~I’ve~been~saying, I’m not someone dangerous, geez! I came all the way for one reason and one reason only: to spread ‘beauty’ to everyone!”


A mysterious person insisted so to the guards surrounding them.

This person was super large. At over 2 meters tall, they might be even taller than Dorial, the former bandit leader. They were more muscular than Dorial as well. To call this person a giant seemed quite fitting.


Just like what their physique might suggest, their voice was awfully deep.

Yet, the way they talked was completely girl-like.


And then, there was their appearance.

Their clothes were completely in pink and even had frills here and there, almost like a stereotypical princess. They even had a tiara on their head as well as ribbons to tie their long blond hair into twintails.

Their face was full of makeup, but the masculine aspects of their face could still be seen. Especially their cleft chin.


“Huh…what is…that creature…?”


Selen saw them and took a step back.

So did the guards for that matter.


“Lies! How can you spread beauty when there isn’t an ounce of it from you!”

“The only thing you’ll be spreading to this village is misfortune!”


The guards yelled so, weapons in hand.


“OmG! How can you say that to a maiden! Even I would get angry, you know! Hmphmp!!”


The unknown giant became indignant and puffed their beautiful(?) face.

Their appearance certainly did have quite an impact…but based on my map, they didn’t seem to be dangerous.

And so, I spoke to them albeit a bit nervously.


“Ahm, can you tell us a bit more?”

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