Chapter 191: It’s dangerous to stand still, so please take a seat

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“What was that sound!?”

“Is it an enemy attack!?”


While the king’s group were recovering from being surprised by the horn I activated, I made the train go forward.



“It’s dangerous to stand still, so please take a seat. At the very least, please grab hold of those straps.”

“Is this thing really moving!?”

“This huge metal box…?”


The train was steadily gaining speed.

In an almost child-like wonder, the king’s group knelt on the seat and leaned toward the windows to see the scenery that we were quickly passing by.


“Amazing, the capital’s already so far away…”

“A carriage can’t ever hope to match this speed…!”


While extending the railways, I said something to them.


“How about we keep going until we reach the Albert territory’s capital? If we go at full speed, we should be there in about an hour, I think.”

“In an hour!? A journey like that would have normally taken a few days though!?”


This train’s top speed was about 150 kilometers per hour.

We didn’t need to make a stopover anywhere, so we should be able to reach our destination in about an hour, give or take a few.


“The wind feels so nice!”

“We’re travelling so fast, yet there’s barely any shaking…why, I think I can even fall sound asleep.”


The group seemed to be getting accustomed to the train and were beginning to relax little by little.


“But just imagine it: something like this throughout the entire kingdom…the kingdom as we know it will surely change all at once.”

“I agree. After all, it was because of the geographical issues that the kingdom was forced to entrust the governance of each region to the local lords. So, if this can solve or at least lessen the impact of those geographical issues, it would become much simpler to assess the state of each region. The royal family’s power will also be able to reach––”


While the officials were discussing like that among themselves, the Albert territory’s capital came into view.


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“Huh? His Majesty is coming for a visit?”


Hang Albert—Luke’s uncle and the one assigned to be the governor of the original Albert territory—suddenly received such a report from a body double.


“And they’ll be arriving soon, you say? Why am I then only hearing about this now!?”


While expressing his frustrations to his nephew’s double, Hang hurriedly stood up to make preparations for the king’s arrival.


“But why is His Majesty even coming here? Huh? We should go outside of city?”


The double—able to use whatever village skill the original could—used teleportation and brought Hang outside of the city’s walls.


“Hmm? What is that? It’s coming over here…”


What Hang saw in the distance was a fast-approaching rectangular object.

He was pretty sure it wasn’t a carriage. He couldn’t see any horse pulling it, after all.


“Wait, is that wagon or whatever it is moving on its own…? No, of course not, that’s impossible…”


Hang outright deemed the idea as impossible, but as the object grew closer and closer, he was forced to reconsider.


“What’s going onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!?”




When that sound could be heard, the double promptly made a [Railway Station]. It was that station where the large, rectangular object stopped.

Before it stopped though, Hang couldn’t help but scream at the top of his lungs and fall down on his rear.




With that sound, the rectangular object’s doors opened. What emerged from within was the king and his group.


“My goodness, we really made it here in just an hour…”

“Luke-sama never fails to impress!”


Upon realizing he was in the presence of the king, Hang knelt down as quickly as he could.


“Y-Your Majesty, thank you for gracing us with your visit.”

“Hmm? You came all this way to welcome us?”


The king was quite surprised when he noticed Hang.


“Well, sorry for the sudden visit. I myself didn’t expect to arrive here so soon.”

“I-if I may, Your Majesty, what is that thing?”

“I don’t know much about it, truly, but it’s called a train.”

“A train…?”

“Mhm. By riding this, we were able to travel from the capital all the way here in just an hour.”

“In just an hour!?”


Almost like ignoring Hang’s confusion, his nephew—he assumed to be the real one and not a double—spoke.


“Alright, how about we return to the royal capital now?”

“…can we return by train?”


The king seemed to have been pleased with the thing called trains.

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    • But an airplane isn’t quite something he can learn on the spot, so he’d probably need simulators or something like that first. Or just a simpler plane that doesn’t fly quickly like a crop duster or smth. (my first thought was like a commercial airliner or a private jet type deal, but a prop plane first seems like the way to go.)

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