Chapter 184: You know who I hate most?

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“I won’t let you harm my brother, you shitty father.”

“Tch…you little…”


The one to intercept father’s charge was Raul.

Realizing what Raul’s words and actions meant, father shouted angrily.


“Raul, you brat…are you really betraying me!?”


Raul was then sent flying.

He managed to land safely and even gave a snort.


“Hmp, betray you? When the hell did I ever become your ally, huh?”


“I’ve always hated that piece of shit Luke, but you know who I hate most? You, you shitty father!”


While shouting so, Raul leapt forward.


“Tell me, what have you ever done for me!? You’ve pushed me and my mother to a remote corner of your castle. You forgot about us! But as soon as you found out that I have the same Gift as you, you’re suddenly my father!?”


“Ever since I was a kid, I vowed to beat you up and make you kneel before me!”


Raul let out such words as well as a storm of slashes.

Father, who has overwhelmed all his opponents thus far, have been put entirely on the defensive.


Compared to when he led an attack against the village, Raul has definitely gotten stronger.

He has surely undergone rigorous training since then.




“Each and every one of you…should just do what I tell you to do!”



After shouting, father began counterattacking and turned the tables all at once.




Against father’s fierce attacks, Raul was barely keeping up. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, some attacks were slipping through his defenses and he was steadily becoming wounded all over his body.





Raul was sent flying again, only this time, he crashed on the ground and tumbled some distance.

He managed to get up right away, but if his coarse breathing was any indication, he was nearly at his limit.

On the other hand, father still seemed composed. It was almost like his strength was bottomless.

As to be expected, when two people possess the same Gift, experience using that Gift was a significant factor. And father had years and decades over Raul.


At this moment, it was clear even to Raul himself that he could not win.


“Ha, expected as much from you, my shitty father. It really looks like it’s impossible to bring you down with just my power, isn’t it? I hate to do this, but I don’t think I have any choice but to get some help from that guy…oi, brother! do it!”


Upon receiving that signal from Raul, I nodded.


“Alright! ––Villager Enhancement!”



  ◇ ◇ ◇


Back when we just took back the royal capital from the Albert army, Raul secretly sent a messenger out.

According to that messenger, he wanted to meet me while he was marching toward the capital.


“Father’s strength is out of the ordinary. You can keep on fighting him until he reaches his limit, but by then, you would have suffered great damage.”

“Yeah, he is worrisome…”

“I have an idea.”

“An idea?”

“I’ll fight him.”

“Eh? You will?”

“Yeah. You already know that I hate you to death, but more than I hate you, I hate our shitty father. If I get a once in a lifetime chance to beat him down, I’ll tolerate cooperating with you.”

“Hate me to death…”

“Oi, are you shocked or something? Whatever, that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that even though I have the same Gift, I still wouldn’t be able to beat him. That’s where you come in. You have a power that lets you strengthen an ally right, right?”

“Huh? How’d you know about that?”


Apparently, when Raul was fighting with Noel-kun back then, he noticed a large spike in Noel-kun’s strength.


“Use that on me.”

“You have to be registered as my villager first though. Are you sure?”

“…I fucking hate it, but fine. If that’s what it takes to beat that shitty father.”



 ◇ ◇ ◇


And that was how Raul came to offer his assistance.


<<Make Raul a villager? *Yes||No>>


I needed to make him a villager before anything else, so I selected yes.


“––Villager Enhancement!”

“–! Hahaha! This is amazing! So much power!”

“5 minutes! Be mindful of that time limit!”

“That’s will be more than enough!”


I had doubled Raul’s fighting capabilities, resulting in a time limit of 5 minutes.


“Let’s settle this, you shitty father. I…no, we will make you know the taste of defeat!”

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  1. bellcross13 said:

    What happened to the doping potions the elves made?
    Also where is the magical blade that the dwarves made.
    So many missing pay to win items to beat their shitty father

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  2. Dul' Mephistroph said:

    Be useful, you shitty little brother


  3. As cool as this is, and it is cool, we all know they won’t kill their daddy. It’s not that kind of story. But by all means kick his teeth in please.


    • Yamijoma said:

      Well he would get an ultimate skill “seal gift” or imprison him and let granny take the rest
      Better to surrender than be tortured by granny


  4. “Nano Boost administered”


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