Chapter 183: That man is extraordinary

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Just like what I did when I fought Raul’s army, I made a moat beneath the Albert soldiers’ feet and made the ground they were standing on vanish.

However, as to be expected of father’s most elite soldiers, they were able to land on the bottom of the moat quite safely. Even so, that move succeeded in taking out their horses out of action. That was more than enough for me. It was quite troublesome to deal with mounted charges, after all.


The 500 or so troops we deployed in front of the palace were composed of villagers as well as of adventurers who were using our village as their base of operations.

Equipped with weapons and armors made in the village, they clashed with the Albert soldiers as soon as the latter made it out of the moat.


By the way, the soldiers of the capital and the palace had expressed their intention to participate in the fight, but we had deemed it best for them to standby within the palace in the meantime.

To be frank, it was because we thought they were far inferior to our villagers and adventurers. After all, their actual combat experience wasn’t much. They had high social status, sure, but the other nobles’ soldiers were far stronger than them.


“W-who are these guys!?”

“They’re so strong.”


The Albert troops likely expected to easily crush us, but they were being pushed back instead.

It wasn’t just because we had the numerical advantage; our troops’ ability outmatched theirs without a doubt. They had the advantage experience-wise, but that much wasn’t enough to close the gap brought by Gifts and Skills.

All this and I still haven’t used my [Villager Enhancement] village skill.


“Fool! You think you can defend against my attack!?”


Even Gaion, one of the generals, was struggling. Despite being capable of destroying a castle gate with a single hit from his club, Gaion was being kept in check by Noel-kun who possessed the [Shield Master Technique] Gift.


“Hohoho, two swords and ice magic…you must be Bazurata’s Frozen Blade Princess.”


Meribella, another general, was completely being held back by Selen.


“They have people who can go toe to toe with the generals…!”

“Ghh…don’t falter! We must not lose here!”


Their morale remained strong, but the Albert army’s inferiority in this battle was clear.

…Except to one person.





My father swung his sword and caused a shockwave to occur. That much alone was enough to send multiple people flying.

Courageous villagers have been challenging him consecutively, but none of their attacks have hit so far.


“Hmm, that man is extraordinary. So, that’s your father, huh.”

“Yeah. To be honest, I don’t think we can take him down…”


By my side and shooting arrows was Philia-san. She was quite astonished by the strength of my father.

By the way, I have been using my Villager Enhancement on the villagers fighting my father, but it still wasn’t enough. Even our Balrath-san couldn’t do a thing. Maybe even Noel-kun won’t last a minute despite focusing on defense.


“Fuhahahaha! Nothing less from Edel-sama! No matter how much you get our numbers down, as long as we have Edel-sama, we can’t lose!”

“Hohoho, never mind being worth a thousand soldiers, Edel-sama’s worth ten thousand. Even by himself, he can turn the tide of any battle!”


While two of the four generals rejoiced at the prospect of their victory, my father looked and then charged straight at me.


“Luke, you’ve made me completely angry. I’ll send you to the afterlife with my own hands.”


…so scary!


“Like I’d let you!”

“We’ll protect the chief!”

“You weaklings are in the way!”



Our village troops tried to stand in the way, but they were unable to put a stop on father’s charge.

Philia-san tried to shoot arrows at him too, but they were all cut down and deflected.


And when there was only about 10 meters between us…




My father’s whole body began to shine brilliantly.

It was similar to what Raul showed before…an intense fighting aura.


“I won’t let you!”



However, someone suddenly jumped in front of father and forced him to defend himself with his sword.

As soon as father recognized who it was, his eyes were wide open.



“I won’t let you harm my brother, you shitty father.”

“Tch…you little…”

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