Chapter 182: Let’s beat them all!

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“Where is the rearguard!? Damn! The vanguard doesn’t look like they’ll stop…we have no choice but to continue forward as well!”




“W-what!? Where did that wall ahead come from!? Shit! Let’s get around it!”





“There are walls to the left and right now!?”




 “And now behind us!? A-aren’t we…caged in now?”


The Albert army advanced toward the palace through the main street, but their numbers kept on decreasing.

The reason for that were the walls that suddenly appeared and caged in those in the rear.


By the time my father noticed it, they were reduced to only a force of 300.


“Edel-sama! We only have a few hundred soldiers left! At this rate, taking the palace won’t be easy…”

“It doesn’t matter! The few that remains are our best soldiers! They’re more than strong enough!”


Even that situation wasn’t enough to dampen Lord Albert’s fighting spirit.

If anything, his fighting spirit has only grown fiercer.


“Fuhahaha! It’s as Edel-sama says! There’s no fortress that the four generals can’t take down!”

“…but right now…there’s only 3 of us…”

“Hohoho, the three of us are enough. I must say though, how many years has it been since we have been cornered like this? I’m raring to go!”


The generals’ fighting spirit wasn’t dampened at all as well.




When they were near the royal palace, a huge wall rose from the ground and blocked their path.


“Fuhahaha! This is nothing! Prepare to get crushed, wall!”

“Hohoho, leave this one to me.”



The general named Meribella invoked magic.

After he finished, a mass of earth appeared out of nowhere in front of the wall and formed a slope.


He was an outstanding magician who specialized in using yellow magic. By creating and controlling the earth, he could change the terrain of the battlefield according to his will.


Through the slope up as well as the slope down he made later, the Albert army went over the wall with ease.

Afterwards, they reached the vast plaza in front of the palace. In that plaza, their enemies awaited.


“Hohoho, by my estimate, there’s only 500 or so of them. Our numbers might be reduced, but an enemy force of this size can’t dream of holding us back.”

“…it’s possible…that there are…enemy troops hiding…somewhere…”

“Fuhahahaha! They can use whatever trick they want, our victory is guaranteed! Let’s beat them all!”



Upon receiving Lord Albert’s command, the remaining 300 soldiers simultaneously whipped their horses.


These soldiers were the elites of the elites who had triumphed over many battlefields with the marquis.

Many of them possessed combat-related Gifts, so even though there were only so many of them left, they were confident that they could take back the royal palace.


However, just before they clashed with the enemy soldiers, something unexpected happened: the ground beneath them vanished.




The soldiers fell to the large hole that wasn’t there just a moment ago. The hole in question was about 2 meters deep.

Although they had to get off of their horses, the strong-bodied soldiers managed to fall safely.

As soon as they landed, a volley of arrows rained down on them from above. The soldiers managed to survive, but their horses received heavy damage and were no longer useable.


“Hohoho, my time to shine!”


Meribella once again made a slope. The now-horseless soldiers used that to climb out of the hole.

Despite all that just happened, the soldiers were just as fearless in charging forward, if not more.


“Let’s gooooo!”

“Kill themmmmm!”



Their enemies who had a mishmash of armor and equipment should not even be able to put up a good fight unless their enemies did something truly desperate. And yet, time after time, their enemies have been toying with them so much. As to be expected, the soldiers had now reached their limits of their patience.


Nevertheless, this battle was about to be concluded and the way to determine the winner was through close-quarters combat.

Unfortunately, something the Albert army totally didn’t expect was about to happen.    


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  1. Stretching a “battle” out that would of conclude in half a chapter if this was a different MC.


  2. “The soldiers managed to survive, but their horses received heavy damage and were no longer useable.”

    Oh… they aren’t living beings, they are machines! yes of course! I thought they “killed” their “horses” but our MC isn’t as bloodthirsty! hahahahaha

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  3. Thank you!

    I think they’ll discover that all 500 enemies simply overpower them (all those muscle fools) and/or have gifts.


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    thanks for the new chapter!!


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