Chapter 178: I didn’t think you’d come back so quickly

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“It has stopped somewhere near the royal capital! But the soldiers from that city has begun getting over the walls and into the royal capital! Their numbers…they’re reported to have over 10, 000 troops!”


“There’s too many of them! The soldiers we’ve deployed can’t handle them! Our soldiers need immediate reinforcements!”


“The enemies have made it to the palace! We have a few soldiers within the palace, but we have no choice but to close the gates and prepare for a siege!”


It was one horrible report after the other.

Try as I might, I couldn’t think of a way to deal with all of these developments.


“Neon-sama! What should we do!?”

“Please give us your instructions!”



My subordinates’ pleas sounded so far away.


I mustn’t let them take the royal palace…I dread to imagine how angry Edel-sama would be should I let that happen…no, failure is not an option…at all cost, I must defend it…my pride as one of the four generals is on the line…but how do I hold it? I…I can’t think of think of anything…it’s over…it’s all over…




“Neon-sama has lost it!!!”




   ◇ ◇ ◇




Right before we hit the royal capital’s walls, I made the village stop.


“Alright, are you guys ready?”



When I shouted so, the armed villagers enthusiastically replied.

Each of them armed, they climbed on top of the village’s walls through specially prepared staircases and then jumped over the royal capital’s walls. Well, since the royal capital’s walls were lower than the village’s, it might be better to say that the villagers jumped down.


At any rate, that was how we managed to enter the royal capital.

We pushed back the Albert forces who were surprised by our attack and made our way to the royal palace.

We expected it, but the palace’s gates were closed shut when we arrived. However, through the underground tunnel I built, Selen’s main troops burrowed under and entered the palace.


“Why are they coming from deeper inside!?”

“When did they…!?”


After Selen’s troops appeared from behind the Albert soldiers and took care of the latter, they opened the gates from within. Like that, we took back the palace in no time at all.



“Ahh! Darinea!”


We managed to rescue the king from his house arrest and bring about an emotional reunion with the princess.


“But I didn’t think you’d come back so quickly…”

“Neither did I, father…and it’s all thanks to Luke-sama over there.”

“Oh, you’re…”

“I’m Luke Albert, Your Majesty.”


Considering the state of the kingdom, I had thought the king would look like the typical corrupt, lecherous, incompetent, and fat ruler. However, upon looking at him, I saw that he had rather normal physique, rather simple clothes, and a rather earnest and wise look about him.


“I deeply apologize for our actions. We had dragged you in this ordeal without your consent…”


The king suddenly bowed his head and apologize. That shocked me quite a bit.


“I-it’s alright; I’m an Albert, after all. I’m partly responsible for my father’s violent actions.”

“But I’ve heard that you’ve parted ways with Lord Albert some time ago.”

“That’s right…I was exiled right after my rite of blessing.”

“Hmm, do you hate your father for that?”

“I don’t hate him. But our values do differ vastly. Unlike him, I have no interest at all in power or war. A peaceful and quiet life is more than enough for me.”

“Hahaha, I understand now. You and I are quite alike, it seems. Truth be told, there have been many times in my life where I considered stepping down as king and living that kind of life. Alas, being born as royalty comes with duties I must prioritize.”


Just like what I heard from the princess and Mitchell-san, the current king seemed like a wonderful person.


“But how did you outmaneuver Lord Albert? I’ve heard from your soldiers earlier that you took the opening made by Lord Albert marching to the wasteland and went here instead.”

“Ah, yes. We did it by moving the entire village here.”

“…excuse me?”

“F-father, please look over there.”


Encouraged by the princess, the king looked out of the window. He was so shocked that he fell down.


“W-w-w-w-what’s going oooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnn!?”


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 178: I didn’t think you’d come back so quickly”

  1. wasn’t his requirement for the increase in villager count that they at least have low affection for the village?
    But I don’t think the people of the north, or of the two previously warring territories just recently added to the village have any interaction with the village? Unless the buildings and things he built had signs saying this is made in cooperation with the village in the wastelands (also, have they not named their village/city yet 😂) so they’ll have some type of appreciation for the village?
    Or do the territory he takes over become part of the village? And as long as the people like that territory that’s equivalent to liking the village?


  2. King: I admit defeat Luke-sama
    Luke: no, wait, we weren’t invadi-
    King: here is my crown, and my daughter, call the high priest! we’re performing the coronation right now!!, and a marriage to boot!
    Luke: No wait.. what are-
    Selen: Oh no no no, you’re not marrying Luke! he’s my fiancée!, you can be the second wife!
    Luke: that’s not-
    Maid: Luke-Sama will not marry the princess!! or that Gorilla!!
    Luke: gorilla? isn’t that a bit…

    blablabla, you get it hahahahaha

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  3. Thanks for the new chapter!


  4. capturing the royal capital…. successful!!

    maybe next chapter is the battle of the albert’s?

    thanks for the new chapter!!


  5. Thank you!

    You’re going to have to wife that princess Luke. No king worth his salt likes random people with the ability to pop in for a visit unencumbered. However a son-in-law with that ability might be seen as a gift from god.

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  6. The king is foreshadowing his retirement. King Luke is next in line. The princess would certainly want to marry Luke. She’ll make both Millia and Selen very jealous. Can’t wait.

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  7. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Yeah King, that’s a good question.

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