Chapter 177: I’m moving it

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“They should have arrived in the wasteland right about now, I think. They’re probably quite surprised. After all, the city that should have been there is nowhere to be seen.”




“Ahm…Luke-sama…my eyes aren’t fooling me, are they? I think I’m seeing the city move…?”

“Yup, it’s moving. Or I guess I should say that I’m moving it.”

“Wait, wait, wait, what!? Cities don’t usually move, you know!? Why are talking like it’s the most natural thing in the world!?”


Yes, at the moment, I was moving the entire village through the Reposition village skill.


“Just what you’d expect from Luke-sama.”

“I don’t think this is to be expected of anyone, even Luke-sama…”

“Ha, haha…you always so easily exceed my expectations…”

“Shouldn’t you be a bit more surprised than that!?”


The princess was panicking like that, but everyone else was rather calm. After all, me moving buildings around has become a common occurrence in the village. Even moving the entire village has happened once before.


“But this is the first time I’ve moved the village this far.”

“Ahm…so, does that mean we can escape without fighting?”

“Maybe, but that’s not why I’m doing this, your highness. I’m moving the village so that we can win with as little damage as possible.”


We could probably run until my father gives up, but I felt bad for his soldiers who were just following his orders.


“A moving destination…the advancing enemy soldiers sure have it rough…”

“…I don’t even want to think about it, dear sister.”

“C-certainly, if we do it like this, the enemy soldiers would lose a lot of morale and stamina…where do we stop though?”


The plan was for us to move west of the wasteland first, and then after it was certain that we would not bump into the enemy army who was headed north, we would head south.


Most of the places we would be passing through weren’t part of what my Gift considered as my village and I would have to use the Territory Takeover village skill to make it so. In fact, considering our destination, I might end up incorporating places all the way to the southern tip of the kingdom.


And then, after a few days of moving southward…


“Is that…is that really the royal capital…?”


Off in the distance, I could see walls that were comparable to the ones in the Albert territory’s capital.

…though not to our village’s walls.


“Yup, it is, your highness.”

“I didn’t think I’d be back here so soon…but wouldn’t it be occupied by the Albert army right now?”

“And that’s why we have to take it back first.”

“…come again?”



       ◇ ◇ ◇


My name is Neon.

I am one of the four generals who support Edel Albert-sama.


As a strategist, I had guided our side to victory in many battle fields. In consideration of my talents, I have been assigned another important task: to command the Albert army occupying the royal capital in the absence of Edel-sama.


Many parties naturally weren’t fond of us, but even so, I must maintain the current state of things using the limited number of troops I had.

Keeping track of every move of the royal family and the court nobles was no easy task, but thankfully, nothing major has happened thus far. There have been small attempts to oust us, but we had immediately quelled such attempts. We even managed to arrest some nobles before they had set their attempts into motion.


In order to live up to Edel-sama’s expectations of me, I planned to keep the royal capital under control no matter what.



“What is it? Another rebellion?”


A flustered soldier rushed in, but in contrast, I was perfectly calm. As a commander, no matter how dire the situation might be, always looking calm was required.



“In the city? Then, dispatch––”

“No, an unknown city is moving toward the royal capital!”



                    ◇ ◇ ◇



This was probably the most surprised I have been in my entire life.

When I looked from the tallest tower in the royal palace, there it really was.


“A city…a city with walls more impressive than the royal capital’s…is truly approaching at great speeds…”

“T-that city also matches the city that Edel-sama was headed to…!”


You mean to tell me that city moved all the way from the wasteland in the north of the Albert territory…?


“H-how in the world…”


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