Chapter 176: I get the feeling it’s something really crazy again…

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“I’ve just talked with my father. Don’t worry though, unlike with Raul, I used a body double this time.”

“…there’s nothing you can’t do anymore, is there?”

“You’re amazing as always, Luke-sama.”


After my consciousness returned to my real body, I told Selen and Millia about my meeting with father.


“So, there’s no doubt about it now: an attack’s coming. This is just an estimate, but I’d say it’s more than likely that they’ll have a force of over 20,000 troops.”

“Wasn’t Raul’s force composed of 5,000?”


Moreover, not only were there more veteran soldiers this time, this army would be led by none other than father.


Meanwhile, we only had a force of about 10,000. And most of them were civilians.

The village might technically have a count of over a hundred thousand, but that number included the population of the North, the Frenco territory, and the Dolz territory.

But then again, a lot of villagers have been training themselves lately, so they might be comparable to regular soldiers now.


“Will Viscount Dolz and Viscount Frenco be lending us aid?”

“I guess I can also threat––err, request help from my father.”


Was Selen going to say threaten just now?


“Well, if possible, I’d like the village to handle it ourselves.”

“Then how about making another labyrinth of walls? We’d be able to shave off a lot of their forces if we do that.”

“Actually, I think I have a better idea this time. From the attacker’s point of view, it might seem downright unfair, fufufu…”

“I don’t know what it is, but I get the feeling it’s something really crazy again…”


  ◇ ◇ ◇


A week after Luke’s body double has met with Marquis Albert, the Albert forces led by the marquis himself has departed from the territory’s capital.


“Hohoho, 20,000 troops for a single city? Plus bringing 3 of the 4 generals along? Edel-sama is being really cautious this time, isn’t he?”

“Goes to show how much of a threat he thinks the enemy is.”

“…rumor has it…that Raul-sama…led 5,000 soldiers….and lost….”

“Hohoho, is that why he didn’t report anything about the city?”

“Hmm, Raul-sama is still but a child. They might share the same Gift, but as to be expected, he’s not on the same level as Edel-sama. Not yet, at least.”

“…later on…depending on his growth…”


That exchange was by the marquis’s closest aides, the so-called four generals.

They—who have sworn loyalty to the marquis—were deeply trusted and were even authorized to move armies based on their discretion.


Moreover, each one was a mighty fighter.

Each time they descend upon the battlefield, the enemy forces just get trampled.

They were a significant factor in why the Albert territory has expanded so much so quickly.




Among the 20,000 troops was Raul.

However, the unit he was leading was much smaller than the one he led in his first campaign. Moreover, he was placed in the rear end of the whole army.

This was because he had told the marquis everything when the latter interrogated him.


What angered the marquis was not the fact that Raul didn’t report anything or leading an army without permission. No, what angered the marquis was the fact that Raul lost.

For the marquis who had won each of his battles, losing was the most unforgivable thing.


The marquis would cast aside anyone weak.

Even his own son.

Even a son that had the [Sword Master Techniques] Gift.


“But the fact is that father increased the number of soldiers to 20,000 after hearing my story. Even he is on guard. But then again, my story is full of ridiculous things, like a labyrinth of moving walls and a gigantic Tree Dragon. Who knows how much of that he believes.”


At that moment, the ones in the vanguard began making a commotion.


“Yeah, as expected.”


Raul expected such a commotion would arise ones the soldiers see the labyrinth of walls.

He couldn’t deny that he was looking forward a little bit to how the marquis would overcome such a challenge.


Because of his placement in the army though, Raul arrived in the wasteland later than most soldiers.

What he saw was–––––





“………the city’s…gone?”

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  1. Now that I think about it, he can move the village anywhere on his territory, and his territory is now all the north of the Albert territory at the very least. Maybe he move the city while the army was coming to drop the village next to his father´s castle and invade it while it´s defenseless. That really IS unfair.


    • DemonOfAnarchy said:

      He can literally move the entire city a few tens of meters off the ground and they wont be able to do anything but sit under its shadow


  2. was hoping for an army of megazord buildings


  3. Anonymous said:

    Considering Luke’s army has fully automatic weapons and damage reflecting armor, the need for ridiculous strategies is redundant


  4. “But then again, a lot of villagers have been training themselves lately, so they might be comparable to regular soldiers now.”

    dude… have you seen what you guys EAT for breakfast?!? hahahaha, that’s not a “regular soldier” level of training!!!!


  5. Anonymous said:

    Luke moved the whole thing underground didn’t he.


  6. I was hoping at this point he was going to turn the city into a giant mecha.. Of course, I know that isn’t going to happen. We’ve seen his skills. We should all be aware of what he just did.

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  7. ohhhhhh!!!! 20,000 soldiers vs 2,000 villagers WITH GUNS AND GOLEMS!!!!

    thanks for the new chapter!!

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    Look up~ its on the sky~
    The village now floating in the SKY~~~

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    Thanks for the new chapter!


  10. Thank you!

    I wonder if he replaced his father’s capital with his own village after the army left.

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    • lokojov said:

      Maybe he will just play the cat and mouse game with his father, until he gets tired of chasing the village with his army around the wasteland/north of his territory.

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