Chapter 159: How dare he amuse himself like that this early in the day!

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The now-reformed Viscount Dolz began talking with a meek look on his face.


“Luke-sama, I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“…is there a chance you can help me in taking back the territory that was once mine? Of course, unlike before, it won’t be for my petty pride. No, this time, I’d like to do it for the people. I want to govern the place so that I can make it, hopefully, as wonderful as your city.”


It’s not a city though; it’s a village.


“Unfortunately, Viscount Frenco is much like how I was. I can tell that instead of focusing on developing his expanded territory now that I’m out of the way, he would just find a different land to claim.”


I didn’t hear any resentment or animosity toward Viscount Frenco in his voice. That led me to think that maybe his prediction was an objective one.


“I don’t know how many years it’ll take to reclaim the land if it was just us…so, ashamed though I might be, Luke-sama, please lend us your support.”

“I guess I don’t mind.”

“Yes, I know, an insect like me is asking for too much…wait, you’ll help us!?”

“Yes. That much shouldn’t be too hard.”

“N-not too hard…? Viscount Frenco’s army has fully occupied our land though, so I fail to see how that’s not too hard…oh wait, are you bringing in the Albert army?”



I had zero power over the Albert forces, so I couldn’t drive out Viscount Frenco by using it as a threat even if I wanted to.


“Don’t worry, I have a plan that might work without anyone getting hurt.”







“Luke-sama, just what is this tunnel…”

“I built it. This should take us all the way to your capital.”



Viscount Dolz was suddenly dumbfounded as we progressed through the underground tunnel. We had a fighting force of about a hundred, with Selen’s group of hunters serving as its core.

Our goal for the moment was to traverse the tunnel until we reach the viscount’s castle in his capital. A villager with the [Infiltrator] Gift had already surveyed the grounds beforehand, and apparently, Viscount Frenco has been staying in this castle ever since he led his army into the Dolz territory.


“The current plan is for us to emerge from the castle’s courtyard. Is that ok?”

“I don’t think anyone will expect an enemy to appear there, so we should be able to proceed without much resistance…”

“Alright, let’s go with that.”


If we were to infiltrate the castle and then capture Viscount Frenco, we should be able to take back the territory without anyone on any side getting hurt.


“What should normally be impossible to even attempt…”

“Well, this is Luke-dono, after all.”

“As ridiculous as ever…normal strategies don’t work against him anymore…”


While those around me talked like that, we made our way through the tunnel.


“We’re almost there.”

“Already!? O-only two hours have passed, hasn’t it? Walking on foot should take at least two days…”


Through Facility Upgrade, I made it so that we moved faster.

It consumed quite a lot of village points though.

At first, I thought we should start travelling in an above-ground road and only use underground tunnels once we were at least halfway there. However, in order to increase our chances of executing a surprise attack, I decided that we should use underground tunnels right from the start.


“I’m going to build the staircase now…or rather, I guess I should build multiple staircases.”


If I only built one staircase, all 100 of us wouldn’t be able to emerge all at once.


“Luke-sama, according to Babara, Viscount Frenco should be in this room at this time.”


Satin explained so while pointing at a map. Through his [Telepathy] Gift, he was able to communicate with Babara, the one who infiltrated ahead of us.


“To completely see what’s going on inside the castle…”

“My lord, isn’t this room your bedroom…?”

“That bastard! How dare he amuse himself like that this early in the day!”


By the way, the castle layout has been shared with everyone beforehand, so there shouldn’t be a case of anyone getting lost.


“Are you all ready? On my mark, everyone go climb the stairs, alright? 3, 2, 1, go!”


Now that I opened the tunnel, bright light flowed in.


“Let’s go!”

“““Yes, maam!”””


With Selen in the front, everybody charged into the castle.


…everybody except me as I was to remain here, apparently.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 159: How dare he amuse himself like that this early in the day!”

  1. so this territory will be one of the domain of the village kingdom?
    the village sure is growing at an ultra rapid speed!!

    thanks for the new chapter!!!


  2. thediabolicalgenius said:

    Luke’s own common sense seems to have crumbled at this point. “Just casually go in and take back the guy’s territory? Yeah sure, why not? No big deal. I could use a couple of days away from that shotacon maid and her constantly undressing me with her eyes anyway~”
    Thanks for the translation!


  3. he even cheats at invasions..


  4. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Tactical breach?


  5. Thank you!

    I was expecting it to come, but when he casually answered “sure, np”, I couldn’t resist laughing.


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