Chapter 158: I wish I can go back to being a baby and redo it all over!

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One of the things Viscount Dolz thought he should do to take back his territory was to gain the support of his territory’s former citizens who were in this wasteland city.

However, since those people have already casted away what life they had there, asking them to help in taking back the territory was a tall order. And if the viscount pushed too hard, there was a chance his presence in the city would be exposed, making things even more complicated.


And so, their first step was to spread rumors about how despicable Viscount Frenco’s rule over the former Dolz territory was.


A change in leadership might have led to some disorder, but generally, the state of things wasn’t too different from before. If anything, it could be argued that things were better now because there was no more fighting going on.

Whatever the case might be, it was irrelevant for Viscount Dolz. What mattered was appealing to the sense of justice of the former citizens.


“What? Really? …while it’s true that we left behind the place and decided to stay here, it still makes me feel bad to know that my hometown’s suffering like that.”

“Those Frenco guys…what awful people…!”


The fabricated lies succeeded in riling up many former citizens of the Dolz territory.

More and more of them began voicing out that they must do something about their old home. Eventually, the lies spread to even people not from there, just like what Viscount Dolz planned.


“I’ve heard that the boy governing this city has a strong sense of justice. If I reveal to him my true identity while putting on a great act, he should aid me in reclaiming my land. Considering this city’s war potential, Viscount Frenco’s army won’t stand a chance! Victory shall be mine! Hahahaha!”

“What an amazing plan, my lord!”


Convinced of his success, Viscount Dolz laughed out loudly.

Meanwhile, his vassals all applauded.


When they were like that though, soldiers suddenly broke into the apartment unit they were using as their meeting place.


“W-who are you people? What are you doing!? Unhand me! Do you have any idea of who I am!?”

“Viscount Dolz, right?”

“!? How did––”


Viscount Dolz and his vassals were immediately apprehended by the muscular soldiers. Like that, they were escorted out of the apartment and then into a rehabilitation facility.



    ◇ ◇ ◇



“I can sympathize with you wanting to reclaim your territory, but spreading lies is another matter.”


The Dolz territory was the place that Belrith-san and some others were originally from.

The lord, rather former lord, of that place had escaped and taken refuge into our village. Of course, we knew of their presence as soon as they arrived.


“If you went about it in a honest way, we wouldn’t have minded looking the other way…however, to rile up everyone with misinformation is too much to ignore.”


For that reason, we decided to detain their group in a rehabilitation facility.

After a month, Viscount Dolz was released.


“Luke-sama, my sincerest apologiessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”


Viscount Dolz suddenly jumped in the air and then prostrated himself on the ground.


“I’ve been wrong all this time! I’m so sorry!”

“As long as you understand what you did wrong. Don’t incite the villagers anymore, ok?”

“No, what I did wrong is not just that!”


“Everything I did as the lord of the land was wrong! Just because I detested the lord of the neighboring land, I waged war after war at the expense of the people! With such a foolish lord, it’s only natural for the people to leave! And my desire to take back the territory wasn’t out of concern for them either, it was purely to satisfy my petty pride! Aah! I’m a total scum! I wish I can go back to being a baby and redo it all over!”

“My lord, it’s not just you who was in the wrong! All we thought about was how to protect our interests, when what we should have done was give you our full support in improving the territory!”


The viscount and his vassals have been reformed to an absurd degree.

As usual, the rehabilitation facility’s effect was too strong…


<<Rehabilitation facility: A place to rehabilitate criminals and wrongdoers. The likelihood of reformation is increased for the targets.>>

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  1. Hmm, I wonder if Luke’s shitty brother could’ve become someone respectable if he was shoved into rehab. Oh what could have been.


  2. did the obaba lose her job because of this facility?!!!

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  3. thediabolicalgenius said:

    So granny got them after all. And here I thought that just living in the Village would be enough to make them forget their original plans. Ah well. Another satisfied group of customers for the Rehabilitation facility. Good for them eh?
    Thanks for the translation!


  4. in the US, you go to a rehab facility and you come out with a sore butthole and more criminal acquaintances.


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  7. Kenjitamura said:

    A rehabilitation facility that rehabilitates? TL-san I think you must have made a mistake. The author must have meant for the Viscount to have come out a hardened criminal and you missed the nuance right?


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