Chapter 146: No matter I look at it, you’ve all gotten so muscular!

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“…say, haven’t all of you gotten so, I don’t know, muscular lately?”


When I went to one of the village’s public bathhouses, I noticed everyone’s improved physique.

I had a bath at home, of course, but I come here from time to time to interact with the villagers.


“Haahaa, I don’t think so, chief.”                                                                                

“We’re what we’ve always been.”

“Yup, yup.”

“Nope, no matter I look at it, you’ve all gotten so muscular! I mean, your arms are as thick as thighs now!”


I had no idea why the villagers were denying it, but it was as clear as day that they have bulked up.

Their chest looked like they were about to burst; their backs were like a mountain range; and their thighs almost seemed armored.

Moreover, it wasn’t just a few people, it was all of them that became hardcore macho men. It was like I got lost and ended up in a bodybuilders’ convention or something.


“It makes sense if you were in the hunting group or if you were an adventurer, but why would your regular jobs make you look like that…? I mean, look at Belrith-san, there’s no way his body looked like that before, right?”


Unlike his younger brother, Balrath-san, who had the [Sword Techniques] Gift and trained regularly, Belrith-san’s regural job didn’t require much muscle.


“Well…ahm, well, truth be told, I have been doing a little bit of training…”

“I don’t think ‘a little bit’ of training will get that level of result though.”


Wondering how that happened, I pressed my serious face close to Belrith-san.

And then, it looked like he just had an idea.


“Ahh, I think we have the facility you made to thank.”

“Huh? The facility I made?”

“Yes. I think the reason why ordinary villagers like me have become so muscular is that we’ve been doing exercises in the training grounds.”

“The training grounds?”


<<Training ground: A facility for the practicing of magic and martial arts. Increases one’s improvement rate. It also has a feature that prevents injuries.>>


“I myself thought it was only for the hunters, the guards, and the adventurers, but a person one day decided to sneak in and train there. After a short while, his physique became impressive……other men then became aware of it and began training in their spare time. Before we knew it, we all became muscular. Some of us even began learning how to use the sword and the spear, with some being able to stand their ground against adventurers who have just arrived in the village.”


Undoubtably, this phenomenon was because of the training ground’s [Increases one’s improvement rate] effect.


“Oh, that’s it, yes!”


I unintentionally shouted so when an idea came to me.

I seemed to be destined to be eternally childlike and unable to grow taller.

Those around me often say ‘so cute’, but I would rather they say to me ‘so cool’.


“I want to be macho just like you all, so I’m going to exercise in the training ground too! Alright, there’s no time to waste! I’m going th–––”






Belrith-san, why did you grab my arm?


“…Ahm, can you let go? I’m getting out.”

“Chief, deepest apologies but I can’t let you go.”


“Because…being all macho doesn’t suit you, chief!”




“I agree! It’s best you stay the way you are right now, chief!”

“Yup, absolutely never train!”

“The thought of the chief becoming all muscular, it’s unbearable!  Please! Please leave all the muscles to us!”


It wasn’t just Belrith-san who asked me to stay; the other macho men quickly followed suit.


“It’s not a matter of whether it suits me or not, ok!? I’ve decided to do this, so please, let me go!”


I tried to free myself from Belrith-san’s hold, but he was too strong for me.

Furthermore, the other macho men stood in a line in front of me, forming a wall of muscles.

It was impossible for the muscle-less me to escape.


“Grr…f-fine, if you’re asking for it that much, I’ll stop…”


Thus, I abandoned my plans of becoming a macho man myself.







……or so I wanted them to believe. There was no way I was going to give up that easily.


“Okay, before anyone finds out, I’ll go sneak into the training ground.”


I thought so, but…


“Is something the matter, village chief?”

“Village chief, you can’t possibly have any business here, right?”

“Good morning, chief!”


Every time I went to the training ground, a macho man would always be there and stop me!


“I’d like to get in…”

“Hahaha! What nice weather we’re having!”

“I see, talking’s no use…”


In the end, no matter the time of day, I was not able to get in.



  ◇ ◇ ◇



“Got that, everyone!? Under no circumstance should we let Luke-sama enter the training ground! Let us all work together and preserve Luke-sama’s young boy figure!”



The believers of the Luke Faith—led by Millia—were thwarting all of Luke’s efforts to become muscular.


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17 thoughts on “Chapter 146: No matter I look at it, you’ve all gotten so muscular!”

  1. At that point author could’ve easily prevent all of that by adding 3 words to bonuses of certain facilities. And those words are “Exclusive for Villagers”. How does it help? If you return to first chapters, you’ll find out that Luke himself isn’t considered as villager. That should improve a world setting as well:
    1) With that, we’ll be free of Millia being annoying that much, since even if he goes to training field, he can’t get that improvement bonus anyway. (And there’ll be no loopholes like “he can build training field whenever he want”)
    2) It’ll make sense that as village chief, he’ll need to rely on his villagers. Like, if the field bonuses of fast growth, crop quality and crop size were exclusive to villagers, he would actually need to use people as farmers. Same with observatory towers, he’ll need to appoint someone in there as well (he has a map anyway. If it’s not enough, he could get some feature that’ll give him some information about intruders on map).
    3) Non-villagers wouldn’t be able to access those bonuses. Let’s imagine those roads fast-walking bonus would be exclusive as well (not the best idea, since merchants would be slow unless they’re villagers, but hey, since village has a whole North as it’s territory, it’s even better since it’ll make more merchants come to North). Now, imagine someone like Raul attacking him with army. See the problem? As for now, they can easily village roads and move faster, not losing stamina at all.


  2. kenchan223 said:

    “Nope, no matter I look at it > “Nope, no matter how I look at it

    Muscle army?
    Eternal shota?


  3. Anonymous said:

    That’s honestly super f’d up

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  4. Seiji K. said:

    Yeah but if he wanted, he could build another training facility and hide it undergroun where only him can reach

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    • Dinkytinky said:

      Also, those idiotic hypocrites. Being fit and strong is healthier, you want him to be weak and die easily? Is that how you thank him? By controlling what he can do where it doesn’t matter?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. You’re a really shitty maid, understand? Thwarting your Lord’s effort to improve himself just for your own disgusting fetish, you’re disqualified as a maid. And as a person, for that matter. Also, would there he multiple ways for him to train without them getting in the way? Like making a secret underground training facility for himself or doing that teleporting thing he can do with his skills? If he really wanted to, he could train.

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  6. Merry Christmas!!!

    thanks for the new Chapter!

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  7. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Merry Christmas!
    Come to think of it, Luke didn’t grow at all.


  8. Milla: “I want my shota to stay young FOREVER!!”

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  9. Yaldaboth23 said:

    He has powers to create walls outta nowhere. He can down people at will no one can stop him in the lands under his control. At this point he’s just memeing.

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  10. Merry Christmas!

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  11. Merry Christmas for you as well mate, hope u doin well!

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  12. Thank you!

    Can’t he just turn his own courtyard into Training Grounds with Facility Customization?

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