Chapter 145: Noo, I’m not ann adventurer, noo

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My name is Geese, and I am an adventurer.

I heard a certain rumor recently: there was apparently a new city built in the wasteland located in the north of the Albert territory. Moreover, they say that place had a nearby dungeon where novice and veteran adventurers alike could reliably earn a good amount of money. And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, they also say that there were “safe zones” within the dungeons, making prolonged dungeon exploration a lot more manageable.


The city itself sounded amazing for adventurers.

Firstly, there seemed to be lodgings exclusively for us. In addition, high-quality equipment made by dwarves and potent potions made by elves were apparently for sale there at a very reasonable price. Too reasonable, if what I heard was right.


For those reasons, it was no wonder that adventurers were rushing toward the place.


“I’m sure it’s all nonsense. It’s just too good to be true.”


I didn’t believe any bit of that rumor when I first heard it and laughed alongside those around me.

In the first place, there was just no way a city like those in the rumors could ever be built in that wasteland.


All that being said, my curiosity as an adventurer won in the end.


“…I can’t believe it…it’s real…”


Firstly, I couldn’t believe I had reached the place in such a short time despite the fact that I didn’t walk any faster than usual.


And when I saw the city in the rumors, I was dumbfounded further.

By the walls that could rival those in the royal capital; by the large buildings lined up; by the crowds of people going to and from the city.

And all of those things were in a wasteland where no vegetation could grow.


Before checking out anything else, I headed toward the dungeon area within the city.

Apparently, the lodgings that were exclusively for adventurers were just a few steps away from the dungeon itself.

And near those buildings were the adventurers’ guild—the one and only in this country—as well as a training ground. I decided to take a peek at the training ground.

There, I saw people who looked like fellow adventurers practicing with some swords.


“Ohh, they’re quite skilled, aren’t they?”


Skilled and talented adventurers seemed to have gathered in this city.


“Well, they do say successful adventurers are those who don’t let their initial impressions cloud their judgment. Even if the information is unbelievable, like the one this time, they’ll verify the truth with their own keen eyes.”


Evidently, I was among those people.

While I reveled at that fact, someone called out to me.


“Heyy, I don’t think I’ve seen your mug around here beforee.”

“Yeah, I’ve just arrived.”

“So that’s whyy. You’re gonna love it heree; it’s fantasticc.”


His slightly slurred way of talking was quite noticeable, but just as noticeable was his well-trained body. He seemed to be a swordsman, judging from the sword on his waist.


“If you don’t mind, how about we spaar?”

“You want to spar with me? Hmm, sure. All that travelling has put me in the mood to swing my sword.”

“Ooh, great, thankss. I’m still learning, ya seee.”


Despite his assertiveness, the man before me was quite modest.


However, this put me in a little bit of a bind.

I had learned my swordsmanship from a well-known swordsman, and I’ve never missed a day of practice ever since. I was quite proud of myself for having a sword style different from other adventurers.

If the man before me was indeed a beginner, well, fighting him seriously would be unfair, to put it lightly.


“Okay, then let me teach you a thing or two. Come at me however you want.”






“Haa, haa, haaa… g-good job. L-let’s end it here today…”


I was breathing hard and was barely able to say those words.


That’s ‘still learning’!? You’ve got to be kidding! You’re so strong already!

We were about even. About halfway through, I began to take it seriously. However, never mind winning, I could have easily lost if I got careless for just a moment.

I had made a fool of myself when I said let me teach you a thing or two.


“Man, I shouldn’t have made light of you. This is where strong adventurers like you have gathered, after all. Now I know that if I assume this place is like the other cities I’ve been to, I’m in for a world of hurt.”

“Adventurers like me?”

“…? What’s wrong? You’re an elite adventurer, right? C’mon man, that’s not funny. Stop talking like you’re not a big shot adventurer.”


Despite being uncomfortable with the other person’s reaction, I decided to shrug it off.

In the next moment though, I realized the misunderstanding I made.


“Noo, I’m not ann adventurer, noo. I’m normally a farmeeer. I’ve learned how to use the sword just recentlyy.”








<<Training ground: A facility for the practicing of magic and martial arts. Increases one’s improvement rate. It also has a feature that prevents injuries.>>





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  1. You’re just a small fish in a small pond. Luke’s village is the ocean.


  2. thediabolicalgenius said:

    So with that training ground it’s only a matter of time before pretty much any random person on the street is stronger than the knights elsewhere. If it was possible for criminals to work there without being caught by Luke, I might feel sorry for them.
    Thanks for the translation!

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  3. I’d prefer Chief makes the brothel so I can train my stamina there..

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  4. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Lol imagine being a hardcore adventurer for a long time then a random farmer just casually challenge you, and then you can’t even beat him.

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  5. Thank you!

    “If you don’t mind, how about we spaar?”


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  7. OHHHHH!!!! even the farmers are already top class fighters!!

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