Chapter 144: A crab monster would make for a good boss

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“Luke! Please advise me on how to design the next area!”

“Sure. But, don’t you have, like, 35 floors right now?”


Today, I went to visit Ahri, the dungeon master.


“Yup! Thanks to you, my place has gotten quite impressive!”


Her dungeon only had two floors when we first discovered it, but it has since expanded so much.

For a dungeon to develop, things called dungeon points were needed. These were awarded after each visitor to her dungeon has spent a certain amount of time within it.


In addition to the dwarves living here, there have also been a great number of adventurers delving into the dungeon, so dungeon points were flowing in steadily. And recently, people have been entering the dungeon just to sightsee, essentially turning it into a tourist attraction.


“Somebody already cleared the 30th floor though!”


The 26th up to 30th floor of her dungeon was cave-type area that was scorching hot due to the lava flowing within it.

Because of that harsh environment, it was hard—if not impossible—to clear it without some kind of countermeasure.


“Was it Alec-san’s party? I’ve heard they’ve asked the village alchemist to make them some freeze potions.”


If someone poured freeze potion onto their body, they would become highly resistant to fire and heat for a certain length of time. It was useful not just against such a harsh environment, but also against monsters who made use of fire-attribute attacks.

That item was actually the reason I advised Ahri to make this area like this. I liked the thought that the solution to such a harsh place lied in the information and items that could be obtained in the village.

Speaking of, yes, I have been helping Ahri with her dungeon. It felt kind of like running a game. It was fun.

As an aside, the most recent area of her dungeon—the 31st up to the 35th floor, more specifically—was a pitch-black labyrinth. Unless adventurers secured a source of light that could last them through, they would find it nigh impossible to break through.


“So, for the next area, I’ve been thinking of making it full of traps that apply all sorts of abnormal status conditions! They’ll get afflicted with something every step they take! Like that, they won’t be able to make it through, right?”

“Hmm, well, that kind of gimmick is usually disliked though…”

“Then, what about a cave-type area where the passages are so narrow, no human-sized person will be able to crawl through!”

“Absolutely no one will like that kind of dungeon, you know.”


Unfortunately, Ahri the dungeon master’s dungeon sense(?) was the worst. If left to her own devices, she would fill her dungeon from start to finish with traps.

Focusing on defense was one thing, but forgoing all sense of game balance would make the adventurers lose interest…wait, why am I speaking like it really is a game?

But then again, adventurers who have delved that deep in the dungeon were doing it more for the satisfaction rather than for profit, so a challenge that was a little bit outrageous was still acceptable.


“How about a cave system that’s submerged in water at certain parts? Adventurers will have to swim under to get through or to get treasure chests.”

“That sounds fun!”

“Or how about a ruin where stepping on certain floors will make them uncontrollably move in a certain direction. If they don’t figure out the exact route to the exit, they might end up at the beginning.”

“That sounds like a headache!”

“Or how about this: the entire floor is one vast and wall-less landscape, and the stairway to the next level is visible right from the entrance, but in exchange for all that, the adventurers have to face a horde of monsters all at once.”

“I haven’t thought of that before!”


In the end, Ahri decided to make the 36th up to the 40th floor be a cave-type environment that had certain portions submerged in water.


“Can you make aquatic monsters?”

“Of course!”


Fish-type and crab-like monsters could come in handy in terms of being sources of marine products, a commodity that wasn’t available in the village as of yet. Of course, transporting them out of the dungeon would be a pain, but it wasn’t like there would be a whole lot to transport anyway.


As for clearing the area, finding a way to extend the time they could hold their breath underwater would be useful for the adventurers, but I wouldn’t say that it was be absolutely necessary.

Rather, the thing they might need to worry about more was how to deal with their wet equipment. Unlike in a game, letting an equipment stay wet would have an adverse effect on their stamina.


“I guess a crab monster would make for a good boss. Their hard shells will make physical attacks against them terribly less effective, right?”


Just like that, Ahri and I discussed the finer details like each floor’s map layout, monster types and placement, trap types and their placement as well, and many other things.



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