Chapter 137: Please tell me more about this placeeee!

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“Hey, have you tried that hotel yet?”


“Yeah, Luke-sama built it recently.”

“Ohh, that. No, I haven’t tried it. We don’t have children yet, so we have enough space at home.”

“I still think you should give it a try! That hotel’s magnificent, you see. Just between us, no matter how hard I try, it’s so hard to get my husband in the mood for that. But the moment we enter that place, why, he was raring to go! It’s actually the first time I’ve seen his thing get that big; it almost frightened me!”

“Huh? For real?”

“For real! Plus, according to my neighbor, she and her husband went for a lot more rounds than they usually do!”

“How amazing…”

“That’s not all. It seems like it also heightens the arousal of women too…*blush*


“Ever since we went, my married life has gotten far better. I’m certain that even a marriage in a rough patch will become as lovey-dovey as newlyweds.”

“W-we’ll go––”

“Please tell me more about this placeeee!”



I can’t believe there’s an establishment like that…! Oh no, I cut in on their conversation! I didn’t even mean to eavesdrop; I just overheard them by chance.


“A-are you perhaps not aware? In the underground district that Luke-sama built recently––”

“It’s in there!? Thank you so much!”

“Ah, Millia-sama……and she’s gone.”


Having obtained additional information from the two, I sprinted off to the said underground district.

The stairway that led down to it was in an inconspicuous place not far from the center of the village.


When I descended the stairway, what greeted me were taverns on both sides of the underground tunnel.




After walking for a while, I found an entrance to a place that gave off a different vibe from the taverns nearby.


“Oi, why did you bring me to a place like this?”

“Don’t think about it; just follow me.”


A couple from behind were having some kind of quarrel.

They seemed to be husband and wife, but they weren’t exactly in the greatest of terms. Both looked like they were in their late thirties.

When they reached the entrance to the hotel, the husband seemed to realize what was going on.


“This place…is it that…”

“It’s fine once in a while, right? I mean, you’ve been so cold lately…”

“Nope, we’re going home! Wha?”


The husband turned around and started to walk away, but the wife suddenly grabbed him by the scruff of his neck.



“H-hey, let go of me, woman!”

“Why do you dislike me so much now? You used to love me like crazy when we were young though…”

“Because you were thin back then! Look at you now, you’ve swelled so much! It’s like you’re a whole other person now. And you’ve only gotten fatter since we arrived in the village!”


While I think the husband said some terribly mean words, he wasn’t exactly exaggerating. The wife could be said to be overweight. Her body was about twice as big as her husband’s.

The wife’s arm wasn’t just thick though, they seemed to have some strength to them. So, try as the husband might, he couldn’t escape.

The wife was even capable of dragging the husband to the inside of the hotel.


But simply because she dragged him in there, doesn’t mean…

The moment they took a step in though, the husband’s attitude took a quick turnaround.


“Y-you know what…it has been a while, hasn’t it…I say, why not…”

“Oh! Darling!”

“Gah! Y-you’re crushing me!”


From that moment on until they disappeared into the hotel, they acted like a perfectly happy couple.


“As long as I can get him here…even Luke-sama…Gufufufufu……”


   ◇ ◇ ◇




When I randomly looked at the map that I could use when I first received my Gift, I notice a red dot was so close to me.

A black dot on the map meant an ordinary villager, but a red dot meant a hostile individual.


When I hovered the cursor over it, a text saying “Pervert” showed up.




What does that mean? No, more importantly, that red dot’s headed this way, isn’t it!?


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“Haa…haa…Luke-sama…care to come for a walk with me…?”


Huh, Millia…?


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