Chapter 136: It’s a healthy baby boy

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“Luke-sama, my child was born safely! It’s a healthy baby boy.”


Delivering such a report while carrying an adorable and peacefully sleeping baby in his arms was Belrith-san.


“Wow, congratulations!”


And standing close and happy besides Belrith-san was his wife.


“And not only my son but also my wife is safe and in good health.”

“It’s all thanks to the clinic you built, village chief. This is my third time giving birth, but by far, this has been the least painful labor I’ve had.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear it helped.”


<<Clinic: a facility for diagnosing and treating the sick and the wounded. Reduces the patients’ pain. Also improves the potency of medical procedures.>>


Given the result this time, it would definitely be better to have the pregnant women give birth in the clinic I built than elsewhere.


“Have you decided on what his name is?”

“About that…we’d like it if you were the one to name him.”

“Huh? Me?”

“Yes. Just by being named by you, I’m certain this child’s future’s going to be full of joy.”

“W-well I don’t mind, but…”


…but it’s such a big responsibility. What if I end up naming him something weird and his friends make fun of him for it for the rest of his life…


“Hmm…let’s see…since he’s a boy…”


In order to avoid that fate, I wracked my brain to come up with a good name.

While I was deep in thought, the couple looked at me with great expectations. Even the baby woke up and looked at me with his round and cute eyes.

The pressure was so much, it felt hard to speak.


“H-how about…Belk (Beruku)?”

“Ooh! Did you perhaps name him after me (Berurito)?”

“Not just you, dear! Don’t you see? The latter part, (the Ruku part), it came from Luke-sama’s own name!”

“You’re right! What an absolutely wonderful name you’ve given him, village chief…!”

“There can’t be any doubt about it now, dear! Our son will grow up into a splendid adult, just like our village chief!”


Sorry to disappoint you, but my thought process wasn’t anywhere that deep. I just thought of what will sound good with the Bel from Belrith-san’s name. It’s just by coincidence that my name’s gotten mixed in. Well, as long as they’re happy about it, I guess.


Afterwards, other couples who also wanted me to name their children came. I had no reason to refuse their requests, resulting in me struggling to come up with good names each time.

To be honest, there have been a lot of childbirths lately and many more were still expecting. After all, having secured their basic needs when they moved into this village, many married couples have tried to conceive throughout autumn and winter.

Given that, it might be prudent to change my strategy. Instead of coming up with names on the spot, I thought I should come up with a few names beforehand and have the couple choose from those.




And then, on a certain day, a certain couple came to me with a request.


“Chief Luke, if it’s at all possible, can you build a place where couples can have some private time?”

“We have children at home, you see, so it’s a bit hard to have some time alone there.”

“I-I see…alright.”


Agreeing that this was certainly an important issue, I recalled a facility that I became able to build when the village became level 8.


<<Hotel: a facility that mainly provides accommodations and relaxation services. It can be used for multiple purposes depending on the configuration!>>


“I’m intrigued by the latter part of the explanation…”


When I looked at its list of abilities that could be improved with Facility Upgrade, I saw things like [Stamina Boost] and [STD prevention].

In other words, if I so wanted, I could make that kind of hotel.


When I built one, its default outward appearance looked like a regular hotel.

If I kept it like that, there would inevitably be people who would enter after mistaking it for a regular hotel. On the other hand, if I made its outer appearance reflect what it really was, well, it would stand out too much.


“Oh, well, there’ll be no problem if it’s in the underground, right?”


By using 3D Reposition, I could move it as it was underground.


The sight of a large building disappearing into the ground was quite a sight to behold.


I then built an underground tunnel and connected it to the entrance of the said hotel.

If I added some restaurants along the underground tunnel—maybe even turning the tunnel into some kind of entertainment district—people wanting to use the hotel should be able to do so without attracting attention for going this way.



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  1. thediabolicalgenius said:

    Ok, I wasn’t sure if Luke had even had “The Talk” yet, but it seems like he really does know how it all works. Just that puberty hasn’t kicking in hard enough for him to be getting excited about girls yet. I wonder how long the author will draw it out~

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  2. I can imagine future chapters when Luke builds those hotels, “My name is A Pimp Named Luke”


  3. Look trying to conceive just mean they fuck alot

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  4. Diggydawg said:

    Why the heck would couples approach their village chief for such a request? Wouldn’t the normal thing to do here be leaving the kids in the neighbour’s care? Author is running out of decent ideas… T_T


  5. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Oh a nyan-nyan hotel.



  6. Thank you!

    With this new hotel he’ll have to start writing the big book of names.

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  7. come on luke. just bite the bullet and make the brothel. you’ e had it for a few chapters now. there are some hard working girls out there that need a place as well.


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