Chapter 110: Imprisoned

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Raul’s army marched into the gap in the walls, and soon noticed something else that was strange.

Another layer of walls stood in front of them. Worse, there were also walls to their left and right.

That being said, it didn’t seem like they were caged in. The walls on one side parted in such a way that a path was formed, allowing them to go forward.


“Tch! Not like walls like can ever stop our march!”


And so, Raul ordered his soldiers to march forward.

They initially took a right, but not far beyond was a dead end. Fortunately, they noticed that there was another gap to their right. After that, they went left and then another left. At that point, they had to choose between going left or right, but both led to a long passageway. Which one was the correct path, they couldn’t tell.


Screenshot (67)


“Damn it! What the hell’s with this place!?”


Even Raul have become confused.

He had expected for there to be a few walls to keep them from the village, but it was becoming clearer that it wasn’t going to be as simple as that.


Raul decided to go left at the crossroads. Before long, they ran into a dead end. This time their only choice was to go back and choose the other path.

At that point, it dawned on Raul what the true nature of the walls were.


“Is this…a labyrinth!?”


Just the walls being built overnight was unbelievable enough, but now he was finding out that the walls formed a gigantic and elaborate labyrinth.


Can this be because of his Gift!? If it is, the way wars are fought will change completely…


Raul thought so, but quickly shook his head.


No, that can’t be it! His Gift’s called [Village Building], for crying out loud! How does any of this have anything to do with a village!? It’s more likely that he has a skilled magician at his side.


Someone who could build such a fortress overnight would be considered a legendary earth mage.

Raul wasn’t sure what trick or scheme was used, but he was convinced that Luke somehow convinced such a magician to join the their side.


That magician’s impressive, but after building all of these, they must be exhausted! Even a legendary-class magician must take a few days of rest before they can use magic again!


Upon reflection, Raul saw this as an opportunity.

He would much rather overcome this labyrinth of castle walls than face a magician of that caliber in battle.


“Rather than move as one, we will split up! Divide yourselves up, and look for the correct path!”


As they were, it would take time to explore the labyrinth.

The plan was that once a group has found the exit, directions to it would be immediately shared to the others and the army would eventually reunite.


…based on the conclusion though, this decision was not the correct one.



“This route’s a dead end as well, huh…”


A 500-strong battalion that has separated from the main body of the army has just confirmed that the route they were investigating was another dead end. As such, they decided to turn back.

Leading this battalion was a long-time retainer of the Albert house.


“Still, just what is going on…? To have this labyrinth made with castle walls, what kind of enemy are we up against…?”


Even though he obediently did as he was told, even this experienced retainer couldn’t help but be baffled by these never-before-seen events.

They were supposed to be sieging a city built on the wastelands, yet this city in question was still nowhere in sight.


At that moment though…




“What, an earthquake!?”

“Oh no! Look, the walls!”



The veteran retainer looked where his subordinate pointed to, and all words left him.

A section of the walls that formed the labyrinth began moving before them.

Worse yet, it was moving to close off the only way out of the dead end.




He shouted so, but it was already too late.

They were now imprisoned by the walls.


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