Chapter 109: Because that’s unfair?

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“Phew, it’s done…it’s not so bad, if I may say so myself.”


While looking down at the wasteland from atop an observation tower, I wiped my sweat with great satisfaction.


Just recently, my village leveled up again and I became able to build new facilities. They were as follows:


Ramparts                                             100

Castle gate                                          100

Drawbridge                                        100

Library                                                  300

Extra-large house                             500


Ramparts were pretty much a superior version of the stone walls.

They were also made of stone, but the stones used in them were more durable. Moreover, ramparts were taller and thicker by default. It was about 10 meters tall and about 5 meters thick.


Of course, at that thickness, soldiers could move along the top of the ramparts. Moreover, protruding on the top of the ramparts were parapets, which were low walls that the soldiers could use as cover against enemy arrows and whatever else.


At only 100 points apiece, I was able to build a labyrinth of ramparts that surrounded the village.

…it was more work than I anticipated though.


“That was tiring. I just hope this is enough for us to be able to deal with Raul’s army…Hmm?”


When I turned around, I saw a group of people that were in a daze.


“Rather than think that this might be just enough, isn’t this actually going overboard?”

“Y-you think so?”

“Just the sight of this should be enough to crush the enemies’ morale…if I were a commander on the enemy side, I’ll surely just give up. But wait, why not completely make the village unreachable?”


I tilted my head to Selen’s question.


“Because that’s unfair? I mean, it’s a maze, so there should be an exit, right?”

“Is now really the time to be virtuous?”


Selen said so, exasperated.


“Ha, hahaha…am I, am I dreaming right now?”


That came from Selius-kun whose face was twitching.


Until recently, Selius-kun was repeatedly saying something along the lines of “I’ve seen firsthand how powerful Raul-sama is…he has already mastered his [Sword Master Techniques] Gift, so even by himself, he can turn the tides of a battle! No matter how many people with combat-type Gifts you have in this village, they can’t possibly hope to compete with Raul-sama!”


“No, sorry, but this isn’t a dream, Selius-dono. Would you like me to pinch your cheek to be sure?”

“…yes, please…”

“There. Does it hurt?”

“Yaaytoth, dish dim…shaffy…(like I thought, this is a dream…so happy right now…)



Selius-kun looked absolutely ecstatic.


“So amazing, Luke-sama! You’ve built all of this in no time at all!”


Meanwhile, Millia was practically jumping in excitement.


And while we were like that, the labyrinth made of ramparts came into the view of Raul’s army.

The soldiers in the front were totally bewildered.


I hoped this was enough to convince them to turn back, but knowing Raul’s personality, there seemed little chance of that.

And as though to confirm that, the army began moving forward once again and entered the labyrinth.


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“What the hell is that!? Why didn’t I hear anything like that in the reports!?”

“T-the scouts are certain there were no walls like those yesterday…”

“What are you trying to say!? That those walls were built overnight!? How does that make any sense!”


Raul shouted so at his subordinate.


Fearing it might be an illusion, they made the magicians they brought along to examine it, but they all said that it was real.

After all, it was said to be impossible to bewitch this many people all at once.


“But then, can those walls possibly be built…”


The gigantic walls stretched from left to right, as far as their eyes could see. It almost seemed endless.

They couldn’t see anything that could resemble a gate. However, directly in front of them was a gap that they could use to enter.


It was a suspicious gap, to say the least.

An experienced leader would unmistakably make a prudent choice.

Raul, still young and still drunk on his success in the previous war, decided to push forward right away.


“All troops, march! We are 5,000 strong! No matter what tricks our enemy throws at us, we will meet it head on and crush it!”


Raul issued that command to his bewildered soldiers.


–––By the way, at this point, they still haven’t realized that what lied beyond was a hellish labyrinth.


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 109: Because that’s unfair?”

  1. Place few archer in rampart and move them according enemy soldier movement, use hit and run strategy, and by the time they reach the village which is nearly impossible, they wont have the power to siege the village anymore.
    Or just let them wander aimlessly until they give up.

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  3. Thank you!

    I wonder if there will be a fight at all, it’s starting to look like a pointless struggle followed by an easy capture.


  4. Welcome to hell boys. Enjoy your stay.


  5. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Incoming a powerful blow to Raul called “Reality”

    I feel bad for those soldiers, they served the wrong leader, but yeah, either K.I.A or being CBT Granny’s prey for them.

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  6. thanks for the chapter!!! looks like the showdown of the siblings is still far ahead.. can’t wait for raul and his army confront the dragon tree!!!


  7. Depending upon how big and complicated the labyrinth is, the army might run out of rations like food and water before finding their way out.

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  8. Thanks for the chapter! It seems that he didn’t make the Labyrinth impossible to complete. Well imo he should at least make the labyrinth change while they’re in it, but I don’t see that happening.

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  9. Thanks for the new chapter! Lol. Luke’s too nice to provide an exit to the labyrinth.


  10. Ded. RIP Raul-sama’s dignity.


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