Chapter 1: My Gift is [Village Building]


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“Luke Albert-sama, your gift is…let’s see, [Village Building].”


At the priest’s announcement, the whole crowd gathered in the largest cathedral in the Albert territory went silent.

Both sons of Lord Albert, the lord of the territory, were set to receive their gifts today, so it was no surprise that people from within the territory and even people from outside of it were most interested in witnessing this important ceremony.


“[Village Building]…? W-what kind of Gift is that though!?”


I unconsciously raised my voice and asked so.

Yes, I was none other than Luke Albert. I was born as the eldest son of Lord Albert and thus was always expected to inherit the territory from my father.

So, for me, receiving a gift today was the thing to seal the deal.


“I-I’m afraid I don’t know; I’ve never heard of such a Gift before…but it doesn’t sound like a Gift suited for combat, that much I can say.”


The priest, with some hesitation, replied so.


“No, no…”


Not everyone could receive a Gift. It was something that the gods bestowed on only a select few at the age of twelve.

And among those Gifts, those that could be used for combat were the most wanted. Especially in the times we were living where the power of the royal family has declined, and lords were fighting for each other’s territories.

And because they were expected to lead troops in battle, a lord or someone who belonged to the family of a lord would want such battle-oriented Gifts the most.


My father was blessed with the Gift called [Master Swordsmanship].

My father, who had both this high-ranking [Swordsmanship] Gift and the courage to cut through enemy frontlines himself, was now well-known throughout the country.

He was originally just a viscount, but in just one lifetime, he was able to expand his territory to the point that his domain could rival those of other, higher-ranking lords. It would be no exaggeration to say that his Gift played a vital role in that.


Because one’s heritage greatly influenced the Gift they could receive, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if I was blessed with the same Gift as my father. And given that my mother possessed [Swordsmanship] herself, it was said my chances of getting [Master Swordsmanship] as a Gift was roughly 80%.


I then fearfully looked at my father.

Until just a few life-changing moments ago, he was looking at me expectantly. Now though, his gaze was blank as though he had lost all interest.

As for my mother, she was looking at the sky with what could be described as a dumbfounded expression on her face.


“You’re in the way, brother. It’s my turn next; move aside.”



The one to push me aside was Raul, my younger brother.

Well, my younger half-brother, to be more accurate. I was the son of a legal wife, whereas he was the son of a concubine.

His mother was formerly a maid, so even as a concubine, her social status wasn’t that high. More importantly, because she didn’t possess a Gift at all, Raul’s chances of receiving [Master Swordsmanship] was less than 10%. Even getting [Swordsmanship] was a 50-50 chance for him.

As such, unlike for me, expectations for Raul wasn’t much…


“Raul Albert-sama, your Gift is…What’s this?! Your Gift is [Master Swordsmanship]!”


Because Raul was blessed with the same Gift as father, the cathedral’s reaction this time was the exact opposite of their reaction to my Gift: utter excitement.




Father, smiling from ear to ear, rushed to Raul’s side and hugged him tightly.

Tears of joy flowed from his mother’s eyes, whereas my mother’s eyes were filled with hopelessness.


Just like that, my whole world was turned upside down. For a long while, due to my shock, I was unable to anything but stand there like a fool.


“……I’m going now, father, mother”


I was by myself, but still whispered so as I boarded the carriage.

No one was there to see me off. My father and mother were a given, but not even a single servant of our family was here.

But then again, why would they be here? There was nothing to be gained from seeing off someone who not only failed to become the next lord but also was being sent away to a remote place. I knew even from before that people were being nice to me simply because I was supposed to be the future lord, yet this still made me felt so lonely.


At any rate, the place where I was headed was the uninhabited wasteland to the north of the Albert territory. Due to the dangerous creatures in the area as well as the land being terribly infertile to begin with, efforts of cultivating the land were abandoned each and every time.

My purpose in being sent here: to do that impossible task.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 1: My Gift is [Village Building]”

  1. Ah, a world where everyone but the MC is retarded?


  2. someloserweeb said:

    Newbie here. It’s my first time reading this novel


  3. Thank you!


  4. Good find thanks for this one


  5. dragoonofinfinity said:

    Rural development. So developing underpopulated areas. Outside of towns and cities this could easily be a god skill. Useless in peacekeeping but probably one of the strongest possible skills on the warfront. Anyone who can’t think of the possibilities of this skill doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together.
    I can easily see any city he creates become whatever he envisions, and if you meet him on the battlefield he’d probably be the worst opponent because the terrain will always be in his favor, and depending on the extent of the ability he might be able to shift it on a whim, making him one of the most powerful reactionary fighters while outside of towns and cities.

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    • It’s a common fantasy trope that it’s characters have no fantasy.

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      • kongchenhwa6079 said:

        Tbh, given it’s a medieval setting as well, Unless they have a relatively good environment, critical thinking wouldn’t be available to everyone. Not to mention at that time the culture and norm heard towards martial prowess, so even with critical thinking one would still have bias.


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