Chapter 11 and Manga ch2

Chapter 11


Also, chapter 2 of the manga is out now. Here is the link for the raws. I quite like the emblems for the medals.


As for the illustration for today, this one comes from Vol 4 Chapter 5: The Ultimate Golem


LN V4 06


Click here for the Volume 4 Light Novel Illustrations Compilation page


Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Hope you enjoy the chapter!


And now, for the next images from the LN (which I encourage you to buy):




Click on them to enlarge.


The text on the image says:


“Rorono, there’s still some left.”

“Mhm, thanks, master.”


The others ones are just their names.

I believe this to be a scene from Volume 4 Chapter 13: The Last of the Four Great Elements



Volume 4 Light Novel Illustrations Compilation page

Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Hi, it’s been a while. Sorry it took so long.

In case you’re not aware, the first volume of the manga is out. Lhtranslation has translated it so take a look and thank them. If you want the original, untranslated version, click here.


Screenshot (14)

Hmm. Gotta love those Undead bread.


The fourth volume has also been released! Please support the author and buy it. Here is an Amazon link.

It appears that, as thediabolicalgenius pointed out, there’s a change in illustrators. Honestly, I like the new one’s, Fuumi-sensei, style more.


Screenshot (6)