Chapter 2

Chapter 2


A shoutout to R3D4pple for proofreading earlier chapters. If you spot any mistake, feel free to point it for the sake of future readers. Thank you all.

Anyway, the next image is from Chapter 5: Rorono’s Trump Card. The text on the image says:



Kuina’s body was wrapped in golden flames.




Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Also, the 3rd volume of the light novel is out! Please go ahead and buy it to support Tsukiyo Rui-sensei if you haven’t already. Amazon link.

As before, I’m going to share the images in the book but at a rate one per post to further encourage the purchase of the book.

The images will be compiled HERE.

To start things off:





Race: [Creation] Demon Lord

Rank: A

Name: Procell

Level: 32


Physical Strength: C

Endurance: C

Agility: C

Magic: B

Luck: D

Special: A+

*These stats are dependent on the power of one’s [Monsters of the Covenant]. Without a full set of Covenant monsters, there will be deductions to the values for the lower levels





Demon Lord Book




Dungeon Creation


Wait, a manga!?

So I just took a look at the covert art I posted and read it. I thought it was just the usual stuff so I didn’t really pay attention but then one word stood out to me: コミカライズ/ Komikaraizu/Comicalize or turn into a manga. Yeah. So I checked the page for the raws and nothing related was there(only about the third LN volume coming out). Next I checked Tsukiyo Rui-sensei’s twitter page and yeah, it’s going to happen! No other info yet though other than it’s been decided.

Sorry if you thought this was another chapter. I just can’t contain myself. Wee!