Chapter 13




chapter 11

Chapter 11

A little note: Whenever some is referred to, it’s usually something like [Creation] Demon Lord Procell. Sometimes just [Creation] or Procell. But for my sake, I usually just use their name except for when I feel it might have an impact.


This is actually the last image from the second volume. Too few, right? 😦

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Kuina or not

Chapter 10

Now, for the image. I’ve always thought these are the two Mythological Foxes but the other one looks a lot like Kuina. Is that her??? If so, where’s the other one? There’s nothing in the light novel that discusses about this image (it’s pretty much the same as the web novel which I translate)

Yeah, most probably not since in that chapter, Kuina is not transformed.

Anyway, enjoy!!

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