Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Hello! Sorry for the long delay. I originally intended to make a post 2-3 days ago, but due to reason I don’t know, I don’t have any internet connection at home. I still don’t. I’m just at a friend’s house at the moment. Hopefully, this gets resolved soon. For the meantime, expect the next chapter to be delayed (more than usual). I’m really sorry, but please bear with me.



So, for the image for this post:

LNvol5 (10)

I believe this one is from Volume 5 Chapter 11: [Burst Drive]

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9



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Anyway, today’s image comes from LN Volume 5 Chapter 8: The Promise with the [Time] Demon Lord

LNvol5 (9)

Chapter 8 and Patreon

Chapter 8

Our image for this post is from Volume 5 Chapter 4: The Reunion with Stolas

LNvol5 (8)

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

How are you all? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry for the delay.

Anyway, here the image for today’s post.

LNvol5 (7)

This one comes from Volume 5 Chapter 3: The Golden Apples’ Potions. 


The manga’s 6th chapter has been released as well. Here is a link

Screenshot (38)

A bit of a spoiler for the manga:

It seems they are doing a change in how a certain character is made. That’s fine. It’s a minor issue. I’m just curious how they will adapt to it later. Hopefully, the manga runs that long.


Hope you guys enjoy!


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Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Hey guys, I’m back. In case you weren’t aware, I was sick. Technically, I’m still sick, but I’m much better now. That and other real life problems caused for this chapter’s delay. Even without those though, I think it would still be delayed.

A little note first: I changed [Divine Oracle] to [Divine Revelation]. Just a personal choice.


For the image for this post:

LNvol5 (6)

This one is from Volume 5 Chapter 3


Well then, hope you enjoy reading!


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