Chapter 7

Chapter 7

How are you all? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry for the delay.

Anyway, here the image for today’s post.

LNvol5 (7)

This one comes from Volume 5 Chapter 3: The Golden Apples’ Potions. 


The manga’s 6th chapter has been released as well. Here is a link

Screenshot (38)

A bit of a spoiler for the manga:

It seems they are doing a change in how a certain character is made. That’s fine. It’s a minor issue. I’m just curious how they will adapt to it later. Hopefully, the manga runs that long.


Hope you guys enjoy!


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Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Hey guys, I’m back. In case you weren’t aware, I was sick. Technically, I’m still sick, but I’m much better now. That and other real life problems caused for this chapter’s delay. Even without those though, I think it would still be delayed.

A little note first: I changed [Divine Oracle] to [Divine Revelation]. Just a personal choice.


For the image for this post:

LNvol5 (6)

This one is from Volume 5 Chapter 3


Well then, hope you enjoy reading!


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