New Chapter. Lots of notes at the end.

Chapter 16


Hi! There are a lot of notes at the end of the chapter. Hopefully, none of them are integral to your enjoyment of the chapter.

Also, third manga chapter is out. Link to the RAW

Bow, mortal.

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Anyway, this image is from Volume 4 Chapter 19: Trampling

LN V4 11


Volume 4 Light Novel Illustrations compilation page


New Chapter

Chapter 13

Before I share today’s illustration from the 4th volume (which you should buy if you can), I’d like to give some sort of tip regarding reading translations. Now, I freely admit that I’m not fluent yet in Japanese. Heck, I’m still having problems forming my own sentences. Anyway, that being the case, I believe this should still be addressed.

Here it is: whenever reading an “Ahh” or “aaa”, sometimes it’s some form of noncommittal yeah or uh-huh. It won’t always be the case, but if the preceding line was a yes-or-no question, it most probably is that. Sorry for the rant :p

Anyway, the image for today is from Chapter 13: The Last of the Four Great Elements.

The illustrations for the 4th volume of the LN is compiled here

LN V4 08