Chapter 12

Chapter 12


The image for today is featured in Volume 4 Chapter 6: Avalon’s Knight, Complete


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Chapter 11 and Manga ch2

Chapter 11


Also, chapter 2 of the manga is out now. Here is the link for the raws. I quite like the emblems for the medals.


As for the illustration for today, this one comes from Vol 4 Chapter 5: The Ultimate Golem


LN V4 06


Click here for the Volume 4 Light Novel Illustrations Compilation page

Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Hope you enjoy the chapter!


And now, for the next images from the LN (which I encourage you to buy):




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The text on the image says:


“Rorono, there’s still some left.”

“Mhm, thanks, master.”


The others ones are just their names.

I believe this to be a scene from Volume 4 Chapter 13: The Last of the Four Great Elements



Volume 4 Light Novel Illustrations Compilation page