Volume 8 Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Hello guys! Happy Easter! How are you all doing? As of the moment, I’m really into the Persona 5 soundtracks. I think it’s a real testament to a games’ music if the player still wants to listen to it weeks, months, years, and decades after that player finished the game. That being said, any covers you’ll recommend?


Anyway, today, we have another image from Volume 7 Chapter 2: Happy Everyday Life and the Preparations for a Counteroffensive

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Volume 7 Light Novel Illustrations Compilation Page


Volume 8 Chapter 12

Chapter 12


Hello guys. As somebody told me in the comments of the last chapter, the previous illustration is from Volume 7 Chapter 2: Happy Everyday Life and the Preparations for a Counteroffensive. Happy everyday life indeed.

Meanwhile, today’s image comes from Volume 7 Prologue: The Evil Influence Creeping in on Avalon

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Volume 8 Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Hi, all! I think we’ve gone through every illustration in Volume 6. Yay! I have one more good news: Volume 7 is out now. It’s been out for a while, actually. I don’t check twitter that much, so I must have missed the promotion for it. If you want to follow the author yourself so that you can get these kind of news right away (or if you want a steady stream of adorable fox pictures), here’s his page/account/whatever the proper term is:

Additionally, here’s an amazon link to the new book. Please, support Tsukiyo Rui-sensei!


Volume 8 Chapter 9

Chapter 9


Hey guys! I just want to address something. It’s about the repeated description of things like the characters’ abilities and features. In my opinion, those are necessary redundancies. Remember, not all chapters are released at the same time. Only one every few days, in fact. And not everyone has the luxury to read the available chapters all at once for whatever reason. People forget details. Those redundancies are only present the first time they are mentioned in a new volume. If that description/explanation is given again, then shoot me a message, I’ll edit it out. TL;DR That’s how it’s supposed to be!!!

Sorry for the rant. To offset this, I have two images for you. They’re actually just one, but I don’t know how to put them together in a manner I like. It needs some redrawing, you see. Minimal, sure, but it needs it still. Oh, and the images are very slightly NSFW. Consider yourself warned. I’ll still put spaces though, just in case. So, scroll down below, please.
































































































From Volume 6 Chapter 8: Fel’s Choice

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Volume 6 Light Novel Illustrations