Chapter 59: That’s no ordinary orc!

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“Wha-what just…?”

“I swear I saw the walls move…what’s going on here…?”

“N-never mind that. Are we truly safe now though…?”


While in shock, the elves whispered among themselves.




The stone walls moved again, this time to widen the path. That revealed the countless orc corpses within.

Be it the walls or the villagers’ spears that finished them off, the fact of the matter was that no orc was moving.


“So that’s why you made them carry spears…well, they definitely won’t be in harm’s way if they attack the orcs like that.”


Looking as though she was impressed, Selen said so.


“At first, I thought of using the walls as just covers for the villagers, but as you might imagine, it won’t do much if the orcs can still move. So, I thought, why not make the orcs unable to move with the same walls.”

“I have to say, no one else but you could have done this kind of plan…”


I was fairly familiar with the speed the walls could move via Reposition, but timing it right was a bit of a challenge. We had to lure enough of the orcs inside, but if I was even a little late, some of them might get through and attack the tired elves.

In the end, I made it in time, but that was undeniably thanks to elves’ who shot arrows to slow down the incoming horde.


“There are a few survivors though.”


The orcs in the far back didn’t enter the northern gate and thus managed to escape our trap.

Some of the villagers had confirmed that survivors were still outside of the gate, but given their losses, it shouldn’t take long for them to retreat completely.


 “Ahh! One of them got in!”


One of the orc survivors outside have passed through the gate and entered the path packed with orc corpses.


Huh? Is it me or is this one larger than the others?


I couldn’t tell before because there was some distance between us, but the lone orc was definitely larger than an ordinary orc. Easily twice the size of the orcs it was stepping on.





As though to let us know that it was furious about the deaths of his fallen brethren, the large orc let out a terrifying roar.

And in the very next moment, it ran with unbelievable speed.


How can something that large be that fast!?


Suddenly, with panic in her voice, Philia-san shouted something.


“B-be careful! That’s no ordinary orc! That’s an orc king!”


An orc king!?


An orc king was such a frightening monster that at least an entire battalion would be dispatched immediately to take care of it.


The reason the orc horde has gotten this large was likely due to the orc king. But not only could an orc king form a large horde, it could also command the horde as though they were its limbs.

With such a description though, one might be led to think that it was easy to deal when it was by itself, separated from its horde. Just one look at its physique and how fast it moves should quickly dispel that assumption.


I tried to make the walls close in again, but I wouldn’t have made it at the speed the orc king was going, so I also built a new wall at the end of the path.

Like that, the orc king was completely imprisoned by walls, with the two parallel walls still closing in to pin it in place.




When I heard the roar, my expectations and the newly made wall were destroyed.

What?! That wall was supposed to be thick! How did it smash it so easily!?


The orc king kept on charging.

I tried to build new walls to stop it, but I noticed something: I had no more village points left.

Unable to build anything, I simply stood there as the giant monster was coming my way.

Wait, it is coming my way! No doubt about it, it’s charging right at me!

My guess was that the orc king somehow figured out that I was the one who built all those walls.


““Village Chief!””


Suddenly, two people with gigantic metal shields stood in front of me.


“Noel-kun?! Goate-san!?”


The orc king’s gigantic body made contact with the gigantic shields, producing an intense sound.

In the next moment though, the two with shields were sent flying behind me.




Those two managed to stop the charge of a great boar, but you’re telling me that even they’re not enough to stop an orc king’s charge?!


Their efforts weren’t for nothing though. They managed to deflect the orc king’s charge, making it pass by my side. Its momentum too great, it continued rushing into a nearby field.




The orc king stopped its charged, turned back my way, and then roared.


“Luke, get to safety!”


While shouting that to me, Selen got in position to fight the gigantic monster.

As soon as Noel-kun and Goate-san—who both seemed fine—got up, they picked up their shields and followed after her. The other members of the hunting team followed as well.

Even the elven soldiers had their arrows at the ready.


“Everyone, be careful!”


I did as I was told and retreated to the backlines.

While I did so, I took a glance at the western sky. The sun was nearly setting.

Just a little bit more…


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