Chapter 58: It’s not over yet though

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A starving orc roared.

The orcs have managed to reproduce to an absurd degree. Because of their numbers though, they have consumed nearly all of the available food in the forest.

At this point, the only ones that could fill their stomachs were the elves in the forest.


They were smart enough to recognize that the place protected by walls—the elves’ hamlet—was dangerous.

But that was before their horde was this big. As they were now, the orcs could successfully invade the elves’ hamlet. Worse yet, the orcs were also smart enough to recognize that.


Elf meat wasn’t something orcs particularly enjoyed. If anything, they thought it tasted awful.

As such, they only seldomly ate a captured elf, and more commonly played with it until it dies instead.

However, their hunger right now has exceeded that preference. As soon as they could grab one, they would eat it in the hopes it would fill them.

It was that hunger that made them chase the elves past the forest and even into the wasteland.


Just when the orcs thought they could finally eat some elves though, a wall made of stone suddenly appeared in front of them, separating them from their prey.




In a fit of rage, the starving orc smashed the wall and followed after the elves.

However, after only a little while, another stone wall appeared before him.

This happened again and again.


The orc was already starving and enraged, so smashing walls one after the other unsurprisingly made it reach peak exhaustion.

The other orcs were of course having similar difficulties. At this rate, they might just give up and eat each other instead.


The starving orc was initially at the forefront, but those in the back have quickly caught up to him.

And in front of the bunched-up-together orcs was a stone wall bigger than any before. Despite its size, the orcs should still be able to break down this wall. But then, they noticed something else about the stone wall: this one had an opening in the middle.

And further into that opening, they could see the figures of the elves they have been chasing.




Without hesitation, the orc rushed forward. The others quickly followed suit.

After they entered the gap, they quickly noticed that there were also stone walls to their left and right thus making a straight path.


The elves in the distance were just sitting down, not moving at all. The orcs figured that maybe it was because the elves simply got too tired to go any further.


The starving orc wasn’t that far from the front, so soon enough, he should be able to eat some elf. Sure, elf meat tasted awful, but the orc would eat as much of it as he could regardless.

But when that was only a few moments from being realized…




Suddenly, the ground shook. At the same time, the walls to their left and right began to move, making the path they were treading narrower by the second.




Slow-witted the orc might be, but he knew what would happen if he didn’t do anything.

He tried smashing the walls that were closing in, but perhaps because it was thicker than the other walls, his attack only made a small dent.

Continuing to attack it might not break it in time, so running towards the end of the path was becoming more and more the only real option. The other orcs realized this as well and began to speed up.




But then, the elves suddenly stood up and shot arrows one after another toward the orcs.

The orcs were slowed down by the volley of arrows, yet the walls kept closing in at the same pace.




And then, finally, the path became too narrow to let an orc pass…




 ◇ ◇ ◇



“Haha…like always, you’re so unbelievable.”

“It’s not over yet though. It looks like many of them didn’t die from being crushed.”


After I told that to a dazed Philia-san, I shouted something to the villagers.


“Everyone, are you ready???”



The villagers gave an enthusiastic reply.

Each of them still had a spear I made in their hands. Not many of them knew how to wield a spear, but for the simple task I had in mind, that didn’t matter.


“Alright, with all your strength, just thrust the spear into the hole! Ready, go!”


I used facility customization to make a hole at different places of the two walls that made a path.

I then asked the villagers to position themselves in front a hole.

And when I gave the signal, they thrusted their spears forward.





The orcs within the path roared their last and died without resistance.

Just like I planned, we were able to round up the orcs in one go.


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