Chapter 56: Will we be able to get them all at once…?

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“Commander, the vanguard has left the forest!”
“Haa, haa, haa, I see… good, we’re withdrawing too!”


Protecting their brethren’s rear and making the orcs occupied were the elven soldiers led by Philia.

Upon receiving such a report though, they immediately retreated.

Before long, they too were out of the forest and in the wasteland.




The orcs behind them also exited from the forest.


“Hang in there! Just a little bit more!”

“Run! Run toward those walls!”


The elven soldiers shouted such exhortations toward their brethren.

Unfortunately, there was something they overlooked.


In the forest, they were able to make use of their smaller, more agile bodies to pass through the terrain and vegetation. The orcs, on the other hand, were slowed down significantly.

The wasteland was very open though. Nothing was standing in the orcs’ way, making it the more convenient terrain for them.


Oh no…should we have made them stay in the forest a little longer…?


Regret began to make their way into Philia’s thoughts.


With nothing in their way, the orcs began to close in on the elves.

From the start, the orcs were superior to elven soldiers in terms of both numbers and might. Now that the elves were exhausted, defending for long was likely impossible.


Uggh, but we’ve made it this far! But it’s not over yet. If, if we can buy a little time, at least the ones ahead should be able to reach the village!


Like that, Philia-prepared herself to fight to the bitter end.

She stood her ground and faced the orcs. However, several orcs took that chance to jump at her almost simultaneously.


…I wish I had used that toilet one more time…


While thinking of her dying wish, she braced herself for death.

In the next moment though…







The earth shook and suddenly, there was a stone wall between Philia and the orcs.

Having too much momentum, the orcs weren’t able to stop in time and crashed into wall that appeared out of nowhere. Screams of pain were heard immediately after.


“What just happened? Wait, those walls, they’re like–”

“Commander, now’s our chance!”



The elves have narrowly escaped from death.

Philia, out of shock, initially just stood there. When her subordinates called out to her though, they resumed their escape.

Using the sharp eyes that allowed her to easily master the bow, she looked into the distance. There, she found the figure of a particular person standing atop a watchtower of some kind in the center of the village.

“Luke-dono…thank you for saving us.”


While running toward the village, Philia whispered such words of gratitude toward the young man.



◇ ◇ ◇


“They’re in danger!”


I was at the top of the observation tower built in the center of the village.

There, I saw the elves being chased by a group of orcs.

After a short while, I saw that the orcs have almost caught up with Philia-san’s rearguard unit.

And so, I hurriedly constructed a stone wall. Somehow, I was successful in separating the two groups.


At a glance, one might assume that my Gift could be used only up to the village’s outer walls. In reality though, the range was far more than that.

Because of that, I was able to build a wall near the forest.


“What should we do now though…”


The elves at the front have reached the village’s outer walls, and Philia-san’s soldiers look like they would be able to reach the village soon as well.

The question now was if our village could win against the orcs.


Even from where I stood, I could see that there were easily over a hundred orcs. And more of them were still emerging from the forest.

The only villagers who could fight them were those in the hunting team.


While being the defenders did make things a bit favorable to us, I couldn’t imagine it to be enough to defeat so many orcs.


“Hmm…I know that wall won’t be much of a problem for the orcs…but what if I built several of them and make a really large moat? Will that be enough to exhaust them? But orcs have absurd stamina, don’t they…”


I suddenly thought of an idea.


“If we do that, will we be able to get them all at once…?”


Like that, I built walls at a certain place.


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