Chapter 57: She did say that they’ll do anything…

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I climbed down from an observation tower and headed to the northern gate of the outer wall.


“What’s the plan? I very much doubt that even us can take down that many orcs.”


Unsurprisingly, even Selen was feeling anxious.

According to Satin’s report, there were over 200 orcs sighted so far.

It would probably take at least about a thousand experienced soldiers to take down that many orcs. We had many with combat-type Gifts, but even that would still not be enough.


“Oh, how about you build thicker, taller walls? That way, they won’t be able to get in.”

“That’s certainly one thing we can try.”


A normal stone wall could be destroyed and climbed over by the orcs with relative ease. If I used facility customization on a stone wall to make it larger though, even the orcs shouldn’t be able to enter the village.


However, in that case, the orcs might simply surround the village and wait for us to come out to look for food.

But then again, most of our food supply were produced within the village, so we should be able to stay indoors for quite a long amount of time.


“But leave things to me; I have another idea. Ahm, please open the northern gate!”


I gave such command to a former bandit who guarded the northern gate.

They might have thought that I wanted to open the gate temporarily, for just enough time to let the rest of the elves in.


“No, keep it open! And everyone, step away from the gate for now!”



When the bewildered guards stepped away, I built a pair of parallel stones walls that stretched toward us. The two new walls established a path from the northern gate.


“Is your idea to funnel them through this path? I mean, sure, it’ll limit the number of orcs we have to face to maybe 5 at a time, but we’ll likely run out of stamina before we take down all of the orcs.”

“That’s not it, Selen. Ahh, here!”


At that moment, a group of young men arrived.

Our village had many women. Our population was currently over a thousand, but only about 300 of us were young adult men.

At any rate, in their hands were a spear I mass-produced through facility customization.


“Wait, what’s this? Don’t tell me you’re going to make them fight!? You’ve got to be kidding. These are orcs we’re up against; simply increasing our numbers won’t be enough!”

“No, don’t worry, I won’t make them fight normally.”


After pacifying Selen a little, I spoke to men who just arrived.


“Everyone, please lend us your help!”

“Count on us, chief!”

“For you, chief, I’d lay down my life!”

“Even at the cost of our life, we’ll take down those orcs!”

“W-wait, there’s no need for that much resolve…”


Their village bond level was quite high, so they tended to say some frightening stuff from time to time…


Meanwhile, the elves have passed through the gate.

Because of the obstacle I placed in front of the orcs, the elves made it to the village with some time to spare.

Eventually, the elves also made it through the path created by the two walls.


“S…so…Luke-dono, we’re so sorry! Sorry for getting you wrapped up in this…”


Among the elves was Philia-san who was catching her breath.

When she found me, she suddenly apologized.


“Let’s talk about the details later. For now, although I know you’re all tired, I’m going to have to ask you for your cooperation.”

“Certainly, we’ll do anything! We don’t have many who could still fight though…”


She did say that they’ll do anything…


“Then, can you and your warriors stay here? And just to be sure, be ready to fire your bows.”

“Are you planning to funnel the orcs with this path and have us shoot at them? Considering our numbers and theirs though…”

“No, like I said, the bows will be just an insurance.”


It was less about shooting the orcs and more about being in a place where the orcs could definitely spot them. That way, the orcs would run through this path for certain.

In other words, the elves would be our baits. But as to be expected, it was difficult to directly ask them to be such.


“To those who have a spear, please spread yourselves as evenly as possible behind both of these stone walls!”


Right after giving those instructions, the first of the orcs entered the path.


“Looks like we won’t have to worry about meat for a while.”


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