Chapter 302: Even if you say that, I can’t tell which one is real!

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There must have been a distance of 10 meters or so between the throne and Queen Maribel, yet Kasim closed that distance in one leap and then attacked the queen with his saber.


“Donccha worry, I won’t kill you right away! First, I’ll strip you and parade you all over the city! And then, in front of the people, I’ll have my guys have their with you every single day! Just imagining that collected face of yours contort in pain and humiliation is making me so excited!”

“…you’re as disgustingly vile as always.”




“Wha? You caught my sword…?”

“I’ll say it again. If you surrender peacefully, I’ll make it so that your execution is less painful.”

“……quit your nonsense!”


Kasim shouted so and then made another slashing attack. Even to the untrained eye, it was clear to see that he was on another level than the other sand raiders.

Which wasn’t so surprising, especially so after I stealthily registered him as a villager and appraised him. I discovered that he had the [Darkness Sword Technique] Gift.


“Wait, he has a Gift…? I thought no one in the desert had one…?”


I had no idea how or where he could have gotten that Gift, but it was certainly the greatest factor that allowed him to lead all of these sand raiders.

His arrogance probably partly stemmed from the Gift as well. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing but weaklings here in the desert.

This time though, that would not be the case.



“Ghh!? You’ve gotta be…?”


Kasim evenly crossed swords with Queen Maribel.

No, actually, I’d say the queen is superior to him.


“You’re overpowering me!? How, how can you…?”

“I’ve trained and grown stronger all so that I can defeat you! Don’t think that I am the same as I was before!”


Queen Maribel continued her fierce attacks and further pushed Kasim back.


“Boss!? Dammit, we gotta assist the boss…!”

“You think we’ll let you?”

“Hahaha! None may intrude upon Her Majesty!”


The sand raider minions tried to help Kasim, but Selen and Ganzasu-san stood in their way. And like that, an intense skirmish began among them.


“What the, these guys are…?”

“T-they’re too strong…”



They were likely the elites among their group, but they were easily overwhelmed by the Enbala soldiers.


“When the heck’s reinforcement going to get here!?”

“What are those guys doing!?”


Our other units were probably smoothly containing those said reinforcements, so none would come for some time, if ever.

At this rate, we should be able to take control of the palace pretty soon.

While I was thinking like that…



“““Your Majesty…?”””


Queen Maribel—who was pushing back Kasim just a moment ago—was knocked back and tumbled on the ground many times over.


“Khh…w-what just…?”

“Kukuku, you didn’t think you’re the only one with a trick up their sleeves, did you?”


The queen grimaced as she wondered what just happened. In contrast, Kasim chuckled gleefully.

And then, something unbelievable happened: his body blurred for an instant and then he split into three, no, four.


“Huh? What is this? Some kind of body double?”


I thought so, but when the queen swung at one of them, her blade just passed through.

Apparently, those others weren’t corporeal and were merely “shadows”. It was likely one of the powers given to him by his [Darkness Sword Techniques] Gift.


“Maribel-oneechan, watch out! Only one of them is real!”

“Even if you say that, I can’t tell which one is real!”


The queen was in quite a pinch after being surrounded by the many Kasims.


“Your Majesty!”

“Nope, you’re not going anywhere!”


Ganzasu-san tried to help her, but it was the sand raiders’ turn to stand in his way.


Uhh, what should I do…ah, yes, of course, I registered Kasim as a villager, so I should be able to see through the map function where the real one is!


“Let’s see…got it! Maribel-oneechan! The real one is the one to the right and behind you!”

“Oh! Haa!!”

“Are you kidding me!? How can you tell!?”


The queen’s sword then made a deep cut into Kasim’s torso.

TL note: 影武者 (Body double) literally means shadow warrior. That’s why Luke commented about shadows when Maribel cut straight through Kasim’s illusions. Don’t know how to pull this play on words after translating it as body double all this time.

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