Chapter 301: Our destination is the center of the palace!

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“N-no doubt about it, this is the palace’s courtyard!”

“We really made it all the way inside the palace……”


After emerging from the underground tunnel, we found ourselves in what seemed to be a garden. The place was supposedly once pretty, but likely due to the invasion of the sand raiders, the many flowers here were cruelly trampled on.


“All units, spread out as discussed! Our primary goal is to gain total control of the palace!”

“““Yes, ma’am!”””


When the soldiers received Queen Maribel’s signal, each one hurried to to the positions they were given beforehand. They were familiar with the palace’s layout, so naturally, they moved with ease.

It was no exaggeration to say that victory or defeat could be determined in how quickly they could gain control of the palace. The sand raiders we managed to get on our side were surely causing havoc for the enemies in the city, but a prolonged battle in the palace could only mean reinforcements for the enemies. Needless to be said, that would be disadvantageous for us.

Our village’s hunting group were distributed to each unit to provide support.


“We’ll be going now as well! Our destination is the center of the palace!”


In contrast to the other units that were deployed elsewhere in the palace, the 30-strong force led by Queen Maribel was headed for the palace’s center. With me (via body double) were Selen and Noel-kun.


“Who the heck are you!? How did y’all get in here!?”

“Are they Enbala soldiers!?”

“How did they…?”


Even when the enemy sand raiders within the palace noticed us, they were far too shocked to pose much resistance.




With a valiant shout, Queen Maribel led the charge against the enemy sand raiders.




She drew her sword from its scabbard and then a flash! With just that, three sand raiders were cut and fell to the ground. Satisfied with the result, Queen Maribel immediately sprang at the other sand raiders.


“Yes, like that! Show them what it’s like to be trained by me!”


In response to her pupil’s performance, Selen puffed out her chest proudly.


“It can’t be…she’s the queen!?”

“I can’t believe she herself is fighting…!”

“Ha! That just makes it more convenient for us! Now, all we have to do is bring her down here and now!”


At that moment, a knife aimed at Queen Maribel came flying. The queen had just launched an attack on another sand raider, so she was unable to notice the thrown weapon.


“I won’t let youuuu! Hmp…!”


Putting his own self in the way of the knife was Ganzasu-san.

The knife made a direct hit on his arm, but at the same time as when a clank sound could be heard, the knife started to fall to the ground. Not even a scratch could be found on Ganzasu-san’s arm.


“A-are you kidding me…that definitely hit, didn’t it…? My thrown daggers could pierce through thin iron armors, so why…?”


The sand raider who threw the knife said so, dumbfounded.


“Hahaha! But of course, my muscles are now harder than steel!”


It wasn’t just them; the other Enbala soldiers who didn’t have a Gift also overwhelmed the sand raiders standing in their way.


“A-aren’t these guys abnormally strong!?”

“Damn it, they’ll breakthrough at this rate! What are the others doing!?”

“It looks like everywhere’s being invaded!”


After routing enemy lines, we reached an open, luxurious space that seemed to be the center of the palace. In the back of the room was a seat that I thought to be the throne. Despite of what was happening, one man calmly sat on it.

He was young. He had lots of tattoos and piercings as well.

He was probably Kasim, the leader of the sand raiders.


With his snake-like, sharp eyes, he glared at Queen Maribel and spoke with irritation in his voice.


“…what’s the meaning of this? Weren’t you hiding in that hidden oasis of yours? And how did you get this far?”

“We’re not obligated to explain ourselves to you. Instead, we’re here to demand that you vacate the throne at once. If you comply, trust that your execution will be a tad gentler.”

“Ha, you sure like to talk down to me. Wait, don’t tell me you really believe you can defeat me?”


Kasim then slowly stood from the throne. Before I knew it, he cheerfully licked the blade of what looked like a saber.


“Naturally. That’s what we’re here for, after all.”

“Kukuku, listen to this guy…she tells the funniest jokes!!”


Kasim shouted so and then sprang at Queen Maribel.

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