Chapter 298: Ohh, you’re getting a special instructor?

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“To those who didn’t get a Gift, there’s no need to be discouraged. Just do some drills in our training ground and you’ll improve quickly.”


After they were blessed in the village’s church, we took them to the training grounds.


<<Training ground: A facility for the practicing of magic and martial arts. Increases one’s improvement rate. It also has a feature that prevents injuries.>>


Just like usual, villagers were training hard in there.


“What’s, what’s with those two swordsmen!? Their offense and defense is amazing!”

“That spearman over there is amazing too! I can’t follow his movements!”

“Is it just me or is everyone in front of us incredibly muscular!?”


It seemed like Queen Maribel’s group were surprised by the training that they saw.


“Is this, is this because of their Gifts…?”


As though she thought the villagers here were Gift-bearers, Queen Maribel whispered ‘there’s so many of them…’


“Nope. In fact, most of the people here don’t have Gifts.”

“Huh? Are you saying this is all simply because of training…?”

“Yup. In other words, even if someone doesn’t have a Gift, so long as they train enough, they can be that strong too.”


To be more accurate, that would be the case as long as they trained enough in the village’s training ground.


“Everyone! These people have come here to train with you all. Please guide and help them out, ok? They’re all highly eager, so feel free to make their training more intense than usual.”

“““Leave it to us, village chief!”””


The people in Queen Maribel’s group would probably push themselves to the limit in the hopes that it would help them take their kingdom back.


“Yeah, bring it! No matter what, we’ll definitely get stronger. And then, we’ll take back our home!”


Queen Maribel said so, all hyped up.


“Ah, Your Majesty, I was thinking of assigning a more experienced instructor for you. Selen, you don’t mind, right?”




In contrast to the proud-looking Selen, Queen Maribel looked a bit anxious.


“There’s nothing to worry about. Don’t underestimate her by her looks; she’s the village’s second strongest combatant, you know. Our village held our very first fighting tournament recently, and she got second place, losing only to Gori-chan.”

“It’s just a shame our finals match got spoiled because a certain somebody meddled!”



……looks like she’s still holding a grudge for that. Better redirect the conversation away from the tournament then!


“This cute girl…against that monstrous warrior…?”


Queen Maribel stared wide-eyed at Selen.

On the other hand, Selen was giggling at the mention of the word cute.


“Ohh, you’re getting a special instructor? I’m quite envious of you, Your Majesty.”


Ganzasu-san commented so with envy in his eyes.

When he did so though, a large figure appeared from behind him.


“My, if you want, mister, how about doing some drills with me?”



Speak of the devil and all that, the one just showed up was Gori-chan.

Ganzasu-san was quite the large man himself, but next to Gori-chan, he almost seemed normal-sized.


“Mister, you’re the one got the [Iron man] Gift, right? Then, surely, you’d be able to keep up with my training, right?

“Ahh…shit, I mean, ahm, I’m grateful for the offer, but…”


Gori-chan approached without hesitation while Ganzasu-san flinchingly took a step back.


…Gori-chan’s training, to put it simply, was hellish.

She had previously held a set of training sessions dubbed ‘Gori-chan’s bootcamp’. It was open to all, but even the macho villagers who had continuously been using the training grounds couldn’t keep up.


“Isn’t that great, Ganzasu! You’re sure to get stronger if you’re trained by her!”

“Your, Your Majesstttyyyyyyyyyyy!?”


Ganzasu-san shouted with teary eyes.

Like that, he was rendered unable to reject the offer.


“It’s decided then! Ahan, I’ll be sure to show you lots of love!”



Gori-chan then firmly grabbed Ganzasu-san by the shoulder and dragged him away.


“…hope you survive…”

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