Chapter 297: W-where might you be taking us…?

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“Th-this is a village!? No matter how I look at it, it’s not at all inferior to a large city in Enbala…”


I had invited Queen Maribel’s group to our wasteland village.

While they were astounded by the rows of high-rise buildings in the village, Millia proudly stated something.


“This was originally a wasteland without any plant life. However, all thanks to Luke-sama, this place has become the village you see in just 3 years.”

“““Just 3 years!?”””

“W-well, it’s mostly thanks to my Gift, though.”


There was only one reason why we brought them here today: to give them some support in their mission to take back their kingdom.


“A-a city like this is bound to have an equally magnificent army, right? If you lend us your strength, taking back Enbala won’t be a pipedream…!”


Ganzasu-san excitedly said so.


“We’re only going to give you some support, ok? Basically, we’ll just make sure you can defeat the sand raiders on your own.”


I reminded them of the extent of our support.

If we wanted, we could deploy all our military might and quickly take back their country. However, this was purely their nation’s affair, so I thought we should refrain from helping them too much.


“Of course. This is our fight. We can’t let people not related to it risk their lives for us.”


Queen Maribel nodded emphatically.

Meanwhile, Selen and Selius-kun whispered something among themselves.


“So he says, but knowing Luke, he’s going to overdo it anyway.”

“…yeah, I agree, dear sister.”


What could they be talking about?


“Well, before that, let’s bring these sand raiders to that place, shall we?”

“What place are you talking about?”


Not answering the bewildered Queen Maribel for the moment, we brought the captured sand raiders to the village’s rehabilitation facility.


<<Rehabilitation facility: A place to rehabilitate criminals and wrongdoers. The likelihood of reforming is increased for the targets.>>


“Granny Nema, could you rehabilitate these people for us?”

“Sure, no problem.”


Queen Maribel made a face that seemed to say: is it alright to leave these people to an old woman like this…?

However, the fact of the matter was there was no one better than Granny to handle such things.


“It’s been a while since I played with this many, I think. Just thinking how I should ‘dote’ on them is making me excited. Eheeheehee.”


She just recently gave birth, but it would seem she was as lively as ever.




The sand raiders were initially relieved when their would-be jailer looked like any old lady. However, as though they instinctively felt some kind of dread, panic suddenly began to set in on them.


“Alright, now, everyone, this way please.”

“W-where might you be taking us…?”


I understood why Queen Maribel’s group smiled nervously, but there obviously was no way that we would treat the same as those sand raiders.

As for where we were actually taking them, it was the village’s church…err, cathedral.


<<Cathedral: a holy facility that serves as the center of faith. If one was to pray sincerely here, maybe they can receive the divine protection and favor of the gods?>>


“Let’s get you all blessed!”



    ◇ ◇ ◇



Among the 50 or so people in Queen Maribel’s group, only 5 of them was able to receive a Gift.


One of them received the [Linguistics] Gift. It was great and all, but it didn’t seem like it was of much use in a fight. The others received [Shield Techniques], [Swiftness of foot], and [Iron man], which in contrast all seemed useful in a fight.

By the way, the one who received [Iron man]—a Gift that greatly increased one’s physical strength and endurance—was…


“I can’t believe that I got a Gift at my age! Furthermore, it suits me perfectly! As long as I have this, there is no enemy I need to be afraid of, whether they be sand raiders or what have you! Hahahahaha!”


Ganzasu-san said so and then laughed heartily.


As for the last person to receive a Gift, it was surprisingly Queen Maribel herself.


“[Battlemaiden]…? That’s my Gift?”

“Yup, definitely.”


It was definitely what the Gift was called, but this was the first time any of us have heard of such a Gift.

We tried to confirm with the church, but even after they checked their records, nothing turned up.


We knew nothing about it, but based on the Gift’s name, we were quite confident that it was combat-type Gift.


“It seems kinda strong too.”

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