Chapter 278: It doesn’t mean our bodies have to be in the ‘open’ too!

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“Ack! Peh, peh, peh! What the heck’s with this water!? Why is it so salty!?”


Immediately after diving into the sea, Selen returned to the shore with teary eyes.


“Wait, you didn’t know that seawater has salt in it?”

“Really? But if that’s so, how can the fish live in it…?”


While staring at some fish that were swimming in the seawater, Selen asked so in a curious tone.


“Let’s…discuss that later. For now, let’s focus on what we’re here to do: swim! And since we have our swimsuits, let’s go change into those first. Ahh, Philia-san, don’t go swimming naked, alright? Wear a swimsuit!”


Philia-san was just about to take off her clothes where she stood when I cautioned her like that.


“Mhm? Even when we’re going to swim in such an open sea…?”

“Yes. Just because we’re in the open sea, it doesn’t mean our bodies have to be in the ‘open’ too!”


Philia-san looked displeased, but we needed to do this much for the sake of Selius-kun’s life.

…actually, even without worrying about that, I would still be asking her to refrain from swimming in the nude. This wasn’t a nudist beach, after all.


It should go without saying that the swimsuit I handed to Philia-san this time was one that covered as much skin as possible.


“…I’ve also handed Millia a similar swimsuit, but…”

“Fufufu, how do I look, Luke-sama?”


After changing so quickly in the shed built for that purpose, Millia called out to me.

She was wearing a totally different swimsuit from the one I handed to her. It was a suggestive one that had a net-like design from her cleavage area to her bellybutton.


“You can stare at me as much as you want, you know?”


While doing a pose that emphasized her chests and bottom, Millia said so to me.

I’ve been thinking this for a while now, but is she really a priest?


I was thinking that when there was suddenly a commotion from those around us.

I turned to see what was happening and the next moment I knew, I saw something I could never have imagined.


“Tee-hee, how does my swimsuit look? So sexy, isn’t it? ♡”


Gori-chan also joined us in this picnic-turned-swimming event.

She has just come out of the changing shed wearing her swimsuit. If it could even be called that.




Concealing the parts of her body that needed concealing were seashells.

It seemed to be of scallops, to be more specific. Yes, the shells were too small for Gori-chan’s large body.

So much so, that her important bit could slip out at any moment.


And for some reason, she also used seashells to cover her breasts. Her breasts were large due to her muscles, but it still could not be mistaken for a woman’s.


“Yes ♡ I tried to buy one in village when I first arrive, but in the end, none of the swimsuits matched my size. So, I decided to make my own.”


I should have asked the clothing workshop to custom-make a swimsuit for her too…of course, one that covered as much of her body as well.


And then, the thing I dreaded about her swimsuit happened.

After swaying her hips one too many times, the shell hiding Gori-chan’s crotch gave in to the pressure exerted by her astounding thigh muscles.




Yes, the shell snapped in half.




With frightening speed, she used her hands to cover her crotch.


“Did you…happen to see something? ♡”


Gori-chan asked while her cheeks were blushing out of embarrassment.

In response, everybody shook their heads vigorously.

Naturally, I didn’t see anything either.

If I say didn’t see anything, then I didn’t see anything. It’s as simple as that.


“Maybe you should swim in some more normal swimwear, Gori-chan…?”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea!”

“Actually, please do so.”

“Oh my? Really? If you ask like that, I don’t see any other choice.”


After being persuaded by everyone, Gori-chan decided to swim in a t-shirt and shorts.


*phew* alright, everyone, swim in the water and play in the beach as much as you want, but be careful not to get too far away, ok? There might be some monsters in here, after all!”


Like that, I enjoyed the beach for the first time in this world.



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