Chapter 277: But who could have built this, and when…?

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“Everyone, please line up in an orderly fashion! There’s enough for you all!”


Shouting so in the middle of the slums area was a young woman whose attire was totally out of place.

Yet, her current attire was actually far shabbier than the usual ones she wore.


After all, she was a daughter of one of the most prominent noble houses in the entire Barste kingdom. As a person of the glamorous high society of the kingdom, it was only normal for her to wear the most magnificent dresses.


And so, despite visiting here accompanied by some guards, the question remains: why would a woman like that be in a place like the slums?

The answer to that lied in the line of people in front of her.


“Ahh, thank you, thank you!”

“I don’t know how long it has been since I last had a proper meal.”


There were several large pots nearby, each one containing a healthy soup full of vegetables.

And to each of the people lined up, a serving of that delicious-smelling soup was given for free.


“Elenea-sama truly is the saint of the slums.”

“You said it. No other noble will do the things she does for us.”


The woman, named Elenea, was worried that the people of the slums weren’t getting enough food and thus decided to hand out food every so often.

The people of the slums greatly appreciated her acts of benevolence and even praised her nowadays as the [Saint of the slums].


“…huh? That’s strange…”

“What’s wrong, Elenea-sama?”


When Elenea tilted her head upon noticing something, a nearby soldier asked so.


“Don’t the people here seem cleaner than usual…?”

“Now that you mention it…”


The soldier agreed.

While the people of the slums still weren’t exactly clean, the usual stench that could make one pinch their nose was gone. Even the slumdwellers’ appearance has improved.

Overcome by her curiosity, Elenea inquired about it to a nearby man.


“It’s all thanks to you, of course, Elenea-sama.”

“? Thanks to me?”

“Hahaha, no need to feign ignorance. We all know it’s thanks to your powers. I mean, weren’t it you who built those wells and lavatories here and there in the district? Thanks to you, we now have access to as much clean water as we need. We will no longer suffer upset stomachs due to dirty water, nor will we be dirtying the place because we can’t stop soiling ourselves. Ah, and you even gave us that marvelous place where we can wash ourselves. Everyone goes there every day after work.”



What that man was talking about, Elenea had no idea at all.

To say that she was baffled was quite an understatement.


Later on, she went to explore the slums and verified the existence of the said wells and lavatories.


“But who could have built this, and when…? Also, despite no one scrubbing these things, it somehow remains so clean…?”


Elenea’s bewilderment grew deeper.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“I see it! I see the sea!”


Selen shouted so.


“Wait, isn’t it too large though!? Like, it almost seems to go on endlessly! I can’t believe there’s so much water!”


Selen wasn’t the only one who got excited by the great sea that stretched on and on.


“I-it’s also my first time to see one for myself…and it’s far larger than what I heard it would be.”


Upon seeing the sea for the first time, Millia’s eyes kept blinking in disbelief.


As for me, I’ve been to the sea many times in my previous life.

And so, even though I haven’t been to one in this life, I was able to imagine what it would be like.


That said, it was still a superb view, so I couldn’t help but be excited, albeit not as much as Selen and Millia.


“Let’s land already! Look, there’s a beach over there!”


Urged by Selen like that, I made the park touch down on the coast.

Luckily for us, there was no one near the beach.


“The water’s warm! We won’t have any problems swimming here, I think!”


The park hasn’t fully landed yet when Selen jumped down and ran toward the beach.

And without even so much as changing out of her clothes, she enthusiastically dove into the water.




“!? Wha, it’s so saltyyyyy!?”

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