Chapter 254: First, we’ve got to rectify that corrupted mind of yours, don’t we?

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“H-how can this be…Areisler’s elite holy knights…”


Cain couldn’t believe the spectacle that unfolded before him and unconsciously groaned.

The villagers led by the mysterious maid had easily defeated the holy knights he had brought along.


“But each of them had a combat-type Gift! So, how…oh, so that’s it! You people have Gifts as well!? But to think you’ve gathered this many people who have combat-type Gifts…there’s no doubt about it now: the rumors about a heretical priest who wantonly performs the rite of blessing are true!”


Believing his conclusion to be correct, Cain shouted so.


“Even so, how did they easily outmatch the holy knights…”

“It’s because they’ve been training rigorously in our training grounds every day. On top of that, they’re also wearing top-class weapons and equipment made by the dwarves. And just so we’re clear, they’re absolutely not the village’s main army. This is just a special unit that I secretly organized so that I could have a force to mobilize in case things like this happen.”

“Who, just who are you…?”


Cain was certain that the maid in front of him was no ordinary one.

The maid, meanwhile, exclaimed ‘ahh, sorry for the late introduction’


“Ahh, dear me, I’m sorry for the late introductions.”


The maid, meanwhile exclaimed so while looking a bit embarrassed.


“I’m Millia, Luke-sama’s personal maid as well as the village’s sole priest. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.”


    ◇ ◇ ◇

“T-this is unforgiveable!”


Cain shouted so from behind iron bars.

However, the maid, rather, the heretical priest named Millia was not bothered one bit. If anything, she smiled calmly.


After the total defeat of the holy knights, Cain and his entourage were captured and crammed into this jail.


“Heretical, blasphemous priest! You will be punished by the heavens, you mark my words!”

“Fufufu, is that so? I’m only going to ask for the sake of future reference, but what exactly is going to happen when I am ‘punished by the heavens’?”

“You will be burned at the stake, of course!”

“Burned at the stake? Rather than punished by the heavens, sounds more like punished by men to me.”

“The will of the Cathedral of Areisler is the very will of the heavens! Whatever punishment we deal is divine punishment!”

“Ehh, the gods speak to us through the Grand Cathedral of Areisler? The same Areisler who cares only about money and power, but not one bit about helping the people suffering in this war-torn world? Should I start laughing at your joke now?”


“I mean, I heard that your leader eats meat—and nothing else—all day long while being surrounded and pampered by beautiful women. Someone like that being the herald of the gods is just too absurd to believe.”

“H-how dare you mock Aldera-sama like that!”


Upon hearing the heretical priest’s words of utmost blasphemy, Cain got so upset that he forgot about the sturdy iron bars and rushed at her. Naturally though, the iron bars stopped his charge and made him fall on his backside.


“Mark my words, this village is history! Once the Cathedral knows of your deeds here, all the churches in the kingdom will join forces and crush this place! And if we demand it, most nobles in the kingdom are bound to rally with us as well! Your army don’t stand a chance against such an enemy!”

“You sure they’ll really join forces with you guys? Those nobles are already benefiting from Luke-sama’s Gift, you know…but it’s futile to explain things to you, isn’t it? Nema-sama, may I ask you to take it from here?”

“Yes, leave it to me.”


A small, old woman then stepped forward.

At that moment, a cold sweat suddenly ran down Cain’s back.

Before he knew it, the fear that assailed him made him retreat.

The old woman, on the other hand, gave him an ominous smile.


“First, we’ve got to rectify that corrupted mind of yours, don’t we?”


“What, there’s nothing to worry about, you know. We’re just going to make your heart as pure as a priest’s heart ought to be. If anything, you should be feeling grateful. My method might hurt a little bit though…eheeheehee…”


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