Chapter 253: Consider it whatever you like

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As Aldera’s righthand man, the high-rank priest Cain has had a hand in many dirty tasks.

One of those tasks was leading inquisitions. Anyone who was deemed an inconvenience, or rather, a transgressor of their just faith was to be captured and put to trial. In most circumstances, anyone proven to be a heretic were given extremely harsh punishments so as to serve as an example to others not to disobey the faith’s teachings.


In addition to five other priests, he was to be accompanied by 20 church-trained holy knights in this mission.

Each of these knights had a combat-type Gift, making them an elite unit. Only a few others could hope to rival their might.


“This village chief named Luke is being praised as a hero, but that doesn’t matter. A heretic who has transgressed against the gods’ teachings must be brought to justice at all costs.”


For that reason, they were willing employ force.

Such has always been the way of the church in dealing with a heretic.

It mattered not who the other party was.

And so, even though he was a bit intimidated by the wasteland city because it was more than what he expected, Cain maintained his air of superiority in his search for signs of heresy.


“We are the investigation committee of the Grand Cathedral of Areisler. And we’re here due to the suspicions that there is a heretical faith operating in your village. Naturally, you aren’t allowed to refuse us. So, by order of Aldera-sama, leader of the Grand Cathedral, we are to search every nook and cranny of this village.”


     ◇ ◇ ◇


<<Luke-sama, there’s a group here calling themselves the investigation committee of the Grand Cathedral of Areisler.>>


On a certain day, Satin reported that to me via telepathy.


“Woah, the day’s finally come, huh.”


I said so while unconsciously grimacing.


The Grand Cathedral of Areisler was the head church that governed all the other churches throughout the entire kingdom.

Many have warned me that such a day would come eventually, but today was apparently that day.


“Well, we did build a church of our own as well as performing blessings left and right…”


In order to preserve their influence, their organization have been monopolizing priests who possessed the [Oracle] Gift and, in turn, the rite of blessing. As such, letting an independent church like ours to exist was just not something they would likely do. Once they heard about us, they were bound to brand us as heretics and attack.


By the way, the one to tell me those details was actually the king himself.

He apparently didn’t have good opinions about that organization, but even he couldn’t easily defy them.


“There’s no need to worry, Luke-sama.”

“Do you some plan, Millia?”

“I do. I am the guardian of our church, after all.”


Will it be alright to leave it to her? I’m kinda worried, but in a different sense…


I didn’t have any good ideas myself though, so I reluctantly asked her for help.


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“What are you pulling here? I thought I told you that I wanted to meet with the village’s leader.”


Not bothering to hide his displeasure, Cain said so as he glared at the woman who wore a maid’s outfit.

Due to his features that were very much unlike that of a priest’s—and more of a thug—any ordinary person would buckle under the immense pressure of his glare.

And yet, the maid showed no signs of timidness or the like, and was instead smiling.


“Fufufu, you’re very haughty, aren’t you? If you want to meet with Luke-sama, you first have to do something about that haughtiness of yours.”

“…you, do you even know who I am? I take orders directly from Aldera-sama, leader of the Grand Cathedral of Areisler, and from no else. I am only acting as befits my station. If anyone’s being haughty here, it’s you. And enough of it to be considered treason against the church.”

“Consider it whatever you like.”


With a low voice, Cain gave an order to the holy knights.


“Oi, silence that woman.”

“““Yes, sir!”””


The holy knights replied so as they stepped forward.

However, at the same time, the villagers who were standing behind the maid stepped forward to intervene.

The holy knights outnumbered the villagers though.


“Hmp, these are the Cathedral’s prized holy knights, you know. Are you really going to fight us with only that much of a force? You’re underestimating us too much.”

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