Chapter 212: No way I’ll bother with that

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“That sounds kinda fun, aint it?”


A tipsy Miranda-san said so and laughed a loud ‘Kukuku’. As per usual, she has been drinking since daytime.

She was lazing around in her room most if not all of the time, so I had no idea how she knew about the fighting tournament.


“Would you like to participate as well?”

“Come on, no way I’ll bother with that.”

“I thought you’d say something like that.”


Should she participate though, I had a feeling she would easily be the champion.


“I’ll just watch the thing as my entertainment while drinking in my room.”


…how can even you watch it if you’re in this room?


“At any rate, what was the work that Millia gave you?”


When I asked Millia, her only answer was: it’s something that only Miranda-san can do.

Apparently, in exchange for doing that task, Millia would take care of a broad range of things for Miranda-san. That included things like cleaning Miranda-san’s room as well as preparing food and drinks for her.

If Miranda-san was truly and properly working, I had no objections. I’ve gotta say though, I was quite curious what that work actually was.


“I-it doesn’t matter what it is, does it…”


Miranda-san answered in an evasive manner while looking away.

Needless to say, it was quite unusual for her.

Maybe it’s something she doesn’t want to talk about with me…?

I had a bad feeling about it, but since it looked like she wouldn’t tell me what her work was even if I pressed harder, I decided to let it go for now.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


Since then, preparations for the event progressed steadily. Thanks to that, we were able to determine the official date for the tournament: it was to be held one week later.

It was short notice, so not many tourists might be able to make it. But as far as the village was concerned, it couldn’t come soon enough, if their excited conversations were any indications.


“Ehh!? Over 800 have already applied to participate!?”

“Y-yes. A number far greater than we anticipated.”


It would seem we needed to have more venues for the qualifying rounds of the tournament.

We would need to amend the already-scheduled matches as well.


“Just figuring out who should fight whom seems quite a headache. Feel free to make use of my body doubles.”

“Thank you so much!”


Like that, we managed to complete our preparations.

The village’s first ever fighting tournament was finally here.


The fighting tournament will be held over the course of 8 days. The first four of which would be dedicated to the qualifying rounds, while the last four would be for the main round of the tournament.


We had prepared a total of 8 venues for the qualifying rounds. For each of the first four days, a qualifying round would be held at each of the venues.


That meant that only 32 people would be competing in the main round. In order to be one of those 32, participants must win through their respective qualifying round. Which wasn’t an easy feat at all, considering that the total number of participants has risen to over a thousand.

The qualifying rounds would be following a single-elimination system. Since there would be over a hundred participants at each qualifying round, each participant would have to win at least 6 or so matches to get into the main round.


The main round would also follow a single-elimination system.

In this round, one would need to win 5 matches to become the champion.

In other words, from the qualifying rounds up to the grand finals, one would have to fight and win more than 10 times.


Regarding the matchmaking, it won’t be completely randomized for the qualifying rounds.

We had decided to influence the matchmaking a little bit so that the notably powerful people were more spaced out. We knew this would raise questions, but we would rather have that than having all of the powerful participants eliminate each other just in the qualifying rounds.

For the main round though, we of course were going to determine matchmaking purely through lottery.


And of course, to the victor goes the spoils.

A grand prize was going to be given to the champion who won fight after tough fight. Or so I was told. They still haven’t told me what exactly that prize was going to be.

According to Belrith-san, it would be more exciting if the prize was revealed to me and the general public on the tournament’s opening ceremony.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“What!? The village chief’s going to grant one wish of the champion!?”


Hey, you can’t decide that on your own!




The crowd truly got excited.


“Alright!! I’m definitely going to be aiming for the top!”

“I must be champion now!”

“Khh…if I knew the prize will be this, I would have participated too…”


……just like that, it was already too late to do anything.

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