Chapter 211: I think I’ll participate as well

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“Hmm, I guess the venue should be a modified training ground…”


<<Training ground: A facility for the practicing of magic and martial arts. Increases one’s improvement rate. It also has a feature that prevents injuries.>>


The part where it says that it prevented injuries appealed to me.

And so, I built one and used Facility Customization on it.


In addition to the villagers, we were expecting tourists to come and watch the tournament. As such, I made the venue be able to accommodate about 50,000 people.

In comparison to a training ground’s default size, the venue was about double that.


“This looks fine, I think.”


When I was done, it looked completely like a coliseum.

I figured that it would make for a better viewing experience if the audience seats were not only tiered but also surrounded the fighting ring in the center of the venue.


“After that, the participants’ waiting room…oh, gotta add a medical office too…an office for the staff…next…hmm, uh-huh, like I expected, it’s unreasonable to hold all the matches here. Yeah, the qualifying matches should have their own venues…”


I didn’t know how many would participate in the whole tournament, so I decided to build just 3 more venues for now. These venues for the qualifying rounds were built underground, by the way.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“Luke! I’ve heard about it! That the village is holding a fighting tournament, I mean!”

“Oh. You interested in joining, Selen?”

“You bet I am! This is gonna be fun!”


Selen seemed pumped.

Since her strength as well as beauty was definitely going to draw in some crowd, I for one was grateful for her participation.

But then again, knowing her, I kinda guessed that she would take part.


“Great! The tournament’s definitely going to be exciting now.”

“Of course! I’m gonna be the champion, after all!”


Without a doubt, Selen would be among the top contenders.


“If you’re joining, then I’ll join too. I’ll beat you this time, sister!”

“Right back at you!”

“Don’t think I’m going to be in the losing side forever.”


Sparks flew as the two stared at each other. A fight between these two would be quite a spectacle, further elevating the excitement in the event.

That said, because we would be using an elimination system, the two were not guaranteed to clash.


“Hmm, it sounds fun. I think I’ll participate as well.”

“That’s great to hear, Philia-san.”

“Is it alright if I use a bow?”

“Yup, any weapon is fine. You can use magic too, if you want.”


Philia-san—much like Selen, and Selius-kun—was “Double Gifted”, making her also a top contender for the tournament.


“Y-you’re participating too…?”

“Selius-kun, it looks like I can have a good fight with you.”



As ever, Selius-kun’s face grew bright red while his body was completely petrified.

…if Selius-kun ever faces Philia-san in the tournament, it would be all over for him.


“Chief, I’ll be participating too of course!”

“I will too!”

“Me too, me too!”


Apparently, Belrith-san and Perun-san who both had the [Sword Techniques] Gift as well as Rando-kun who had the [Spear Techniques] Gift wanted to participate in the tournament. All of them have been supporting the village since the early days.


“It sounds fun, so I guess I’ll participate too.”

“Can I…participate as well?”


Goate-san who had the [Herculean Strength] Gift as well as Noel-kun who had the [Shield Master Techniques] Gift were interested as well.

I wonder how they’ll fight though…?


“Ha, that’s kinda interesting, ain’t it?”

“I don’t know how well I’d fare, but as a soldier, I can’t simply abstain.”

“I think I’d join as well.”


The ones to express their interest this time were: Dorial the former bandit leader; Bazara-san, a soldier formerly attending to Dant-san; and Danba-san the dwarf.


“Adventurers like us are allowed to participate too, right?”

“There’s no problem even if I use magic? Great! I’ll definitely join then!”

“A great opportunity to demonstrate the fruit of my training, huh?”

“…against the hunters…I’d rather not…”


Alec-san’s adventurer party declared their participation.

Well, except for Dill-san who wasn’t that great in combat.


“Omg, sounds like a totes fun event!”

“Will you be joining too, Gori-chan?”

“I think so! I mean, lots of people will be able to see how strong and pretty I am, right?”

“Y-yeah…if you make it to main round of the tournament, yeah, lots of people will be able to see you.”

“Fantastic! And surely, if I become the champ, everyone’ll fall madly in love with me~~~ ♡”


It looked like Gori-chan was participating as well.

…she might just have the best chance at winning the tournament.          

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