Chapter 206: Take care of me until I die, ok?

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Apparently, the chains binding the woman to the pillar was reinforced by some kind of magic.

Even Raul’s attack didn’t cause a scratch.


“Hmm, it seems like she’s under some seal. That might be why she is preserved in such a good state after who knows how long.”


Philia-san gave her analysis.


“Then, let me release her from that seal with my magic.”

“You’re not saying that just to get a chance to cop a feel, right?”



Hazena-san questioned Gai-san like that. Gai-san did answer, but did so while avoiding Hazena-san’s eyes.

‘This perverted clergyman’, Hazena-san’s gaze seem to want to say back.

At any rate, Gai-san proceeded to use his magic. However, even after multiple attempts, nothing has changed.


“What do you propose, Luke? It’s looking like we have no choice but to leave her alone in the meantime.”

“Hmm, yeah…”


We didn’t want to leave her like this, but it didn’t look like there was anything we could do to save her.

Well, I say save her, but we aren’t truly sure she’s still alive.


“There’s something I’d like to try.”


I said so and then touched the woman’s arm.

Her arm was cold but also soft and definitely humanlike.




I tried to teleport myself and the woman in the pillar to a corner in the room.




The teleportation worked. I was with the woman, leaving the pillar and the chains back in the middle of the room.

However, for some reason, the woman floated in the air as though she was still being supported by the pillar and the chains.


“It didn’t work?”


Just when I thought that, the woman’s eyelids opened to reveal eyes that were as dusk-like in color as her hair.


“Kukuku…you must have a lot of guts to free me from my seal, don’t you?”


The woman said so and then flashed a wicked smile on her pretty face.

Right after, a swell of magic power surged past me, causing me to fall on my behind.



“Tch, we might have woken up a dangerous enemy!”

“What’s with that magic power!?”

“We should have known better! She was sealed because she was considered a threat!”


Everyone rushed to draw their weapons and assumed combat positions.

Each of them, even Raul, were sweating coldly.


“I was having such nice and long sleep, you know. Are you going to take responsibility for waking me up, huh, kid?”



The woman said so while looking down at me with her dusk-colored eyes

As though I was a frog being stared at by a snake, my whole body froze still, unable to move even an inch.

What a presence! It might even be more intimidating than my father’s…


“Luke-dono, run!”

“Chief, she’s dangerous…!”


I knew I should teleport away, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Well, I was using a body double, so there wasn’t any real threat to me.


“Kukuku, not running?”


The woman said so and then extended her hands.

In response, I closed my eyes––––




“KUuuuuuuuu! What a delicious drink! Man, this is just the best, innit!?”


The woman with dusk-colored hair has been drinking alcohol since daytime.

She has drunk many cups already, so it wasn’t surprising that she was so drunk that her face was as red as autumn leaves.



“Hm? What is it? Wait, are you not drinking?”

“I’m not; I’m too young drink.”

“Gaa~~~! You’re too serious!”


The woman named Miranda drank another gulp of the beer made in the village and then laughed gyahahahaha.


We were currently in one of the rooms in my residence, the highest floor in the 30-story building in the wasteland village.

Scattered around her were finished plates and bottles. To be frank, the smell in the room was quite strong.


“Anyway, do you really intend to not work?”

“I’ve told you, didn’t I!? Imma gonna leech off ya forever!”


She boldly declared such a shameful thing.


“Haa? What’s with that face? You’re the one at fault for waking me up, remember? This is just me making you take responsibility.”


Yes, after waking her up, the woman we found in the ruins demanded this of me:


<<I don’t want to work for anything, so take care of me until I die, ok?>>


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