Chapter 205: She looks quite alive as well

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The Wight was surprised when it sensed the presence that appeared behind it.

Just as I expected, the Wight couldn’t immediately use the teleportation magic it used just a moment ago.





Gai-san swung his staff downward and hit the Wight on its head. As soon as a burst of light emerged from the staff, some of the Wight’s bones crumbled.




And yet, the Wight was still alive. Well, still undead.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Gai-san followed up. However, before he could connect his attack, the Wight’s body was swallowed up by the ground.

It soon reappeared some distance away.


If my observation was correct, it moved from shadow to shadow.


“You won’t escape!”



We followed it again via my own teleportation.

This time though, when Gai-san hit it, the Wight simply writhed in pain.


“How!? This shouldn’t…”

“Ancient apparition, quietly rest in peace!”



The Wight could no longer attack or even escape at this point. Thus, Gai-san dealt the final blow.

Upon doing so, the Wight’s bones fully crumbled and turned to ashes.




Gai-san uttered so while making a praying gesture with one of his hands.


Maybe it was because Gai-san had purified the Wight, but whatever the case might be, the remaining Dullahans vanished one by one.

Like that, there were no more undead in the room we were in.


“Did we do it?”

“Selius-kun! Why’d you have to raise that flag!?”

“…flag? What flag?”


But since nothing has happened even after some time has passed, it really did seem like it was over.


“I feel kinda bad about it though. I mean, from its point of view, we’re probably nothing more than graverobbers.”

“A king that wants to guard their treasure to the point that they turn into an undead is an extremely greedy one. There’s no need to feel guilty of anything.”


At any rate, it was about time to head back to report to the king.

To that end, I made a hole in the nearby wall and then started building a staircase that led aboveground.




Everyone seemed to want to say something, but I decided to not ask and continued to go up instead.


“Ahh, can we take a little detour? There’s something I’d like to check.”

“What do you mean?”


I built a passageway that connected the staircase to somewhere else in the ruin.


“This leads to a mysterious room I’ve discovered. One thing that makes it mysterious is that none of the normal paths seemed to lead to it.”


I had decided to ignore it while we were still exploring, but now that we were about to return up, I figured it was the right time to check it out.


“We’re here, I think.”


We entered the room that was about 1/3 of the size of the room where we fought the Wight.

There were no coffins, thankfully, but in the center of the otherwise dreary, rectangular room was a pillar of some sort.


“Huh? A person?”


Bound to the pillar was a person. A woman.

She looked to be in the middle of her twenties.

Her hair had a peculiar color: it was of the sky at dusk.

I didn’t know if she was unconscious or awake, but she had her eyes closed.


Upon closer inspection, I realized that she was a beautiful woman with refined features. Moreover, due to her clothes that revealed much skin as well as her tall and slender body, she was quite…seductive.


“Hmm, what a superb size…”

“…I’d like to be sandwiched between those…”

“Hey, you two?”


Gai-san and Dill-san both commented on the woman’s voluptuous chests, causing Hazena-san to scowl at them.

Gai-san was a warrior monk and yet I heard he had quite the fondness for women…as for Dill-san, this was probably the first time I’ve heard him talk during our whole exploration of the ruin.


“What’s up with this woman though? Is she dead?”

“She’s in a too good of a state to be dead though…and then, there’s these chains…”


The woman’s arms and legs were bound.

Selen observed the woman intently.


“She doesn’t appear to be breathing, but…she looks quite alive as well.”


Unlike the undead we had encountered before, she had some coloration in her skin.

However, as though she was frozen time, she was completely motionless, not even a sign of breathing.

I couldn’t help but wonder how long she has been like this.

Is she one of the people from when this ancient ruin was still in use?


“Hmm, I’m going to cut the chains down.”

“R-Raul-sama, please be careful!”


Raul drew closer to the woman and then slashed the chains binding her.






However, Raul’s sword was simply repelled.


“Tch, what the hell are these chains? They’re not so easy to cut, are they?

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