Chapter 134: I can see a garden…

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“I can see a garden…oh, I see, I must be in heaven right now…ha, haha…”

“Selius-kun!? Selius-kun, are you alright!? You’re not in heaven yet; you’re still alive!”


After seeing a naked Philia-san, Selius-kun had a tremendous nosebleed and fell down. The gush of blood seemed to be because of excessive stimulation.


“C-chief…? Where am…?”

“Oh thank goodness, you’ve returned to us…”


Perhaps due to my desperate pleas for him to return to the side of the living, Selius-kun’s eyes became a bit more focused.

Even so, he was ghastly pale from all the blood he lost.


“Selius-dono, are you alright?”


At that moment, the person that caused all this, of all people, approached. She was still stark naked, of course.




“Waah, he’s spurting out blood again!! Philia-san, sorry but stay away for now! And please, put on some clothes!”


“Wear something, anything! Else, Selius-kun will die!”


I made the bewildered Philia-san step back, and then forcibly made Selius-kun drink down a potion.


“…ahh, the river…I should cross it, I guess…ahaha…”

“No, no matter what, don’t cross that river!”

“Huh? Village chief…? What, what’s going on…”


Somehow, it seemed like Selius-kun has escaped death. Had he met his end here, I had no idea how to explain it to Count Bazurata, his father.

He seemed to have no recollection of what happened though…


“Luke-dono, I’ve dressed myself now…”


Likely because I got angry earlier, Philia-san said so timidly.


“W-why do I feel like I saw something truly shocking earlier…”

“No, you didn’t see anything! So, don’t think about it, alright!?”


Albeit in a panic, I managed to put an end to that. Just when I did, Selen and the others have come out of the sheds after changing their clothes.


“It’s a bit…embarrassing, isn’t it…”

“Yes, I see what you mean. It is quite embarrassing for your swimming clothes to be so tight that it’s making it more obvious how small your breasts are, isn’t it?”

“I wasn’t talking about my breasts!”


Selen was wearing a one-piece swimsuit that was as vividly blue as her hair. A one-piece swimsuit, as its name implies, was swimsuit for women that consisted of a singular, continuous material.

As for Milia, she chose a bikini-type swimsuit, a swimsuit for women that had a material for the top and a separate one for the bottom part of the body. Her bikini was black, just like her hair. Perhaps the more important detail though was that her swimsuit was so small that her breasts were about to spill out.


“(*I would normally have been shocked by that…but given that I saw a naked body just a while ago…*)”

“(*Fufufu, Luke-sama’s looking at me…he must be filled with excitement now…*)”

“(*Well, anyway, I should probably get changed myself.*)”

“Oh, Philia-san, you’re going to wear a swimsuit that’s like what Selen is wearing, right?”

“Hmm, that looks like it’ll make swimming harder though…I’d like it to be like Millia-dono’s, at least…”

“Like what Selen is wearing, Am I Right?”

“O-okay, okay! You’re so frightening, Luke-dono!”


A life was at stake, so I didn’t mind being a bit tyrannical.


“Luke-sama, you should wear this…haa…”

“No way.”


What Millia presented was a speedo, a swimwear for men which provided the absolute minimum cover.

I refused to wear them, and chose some shorts instead. Selius-kun wore the same kind.


“Hmm…what did I see…Argh, I can’t remember at all…”

“I’m telling you, you didn’t see anything! So, don’t worry about it and just swim!”


While I was a bit worried about his condition, I still thought it would be better for him to move around so that he wouldn’t remember anything unnecessary.


At any rate, I took the initiative and dove into the water.


“It’s a bit cold, but it feels great!”


By the way, I had used Facility Customization to alter the depth of the pool. For the outer edges of the pool, I set it to be at 1 meter deep, and for the inner edges, I set it to be 1.2 meters deep.

Even in the deep part, I could still stick my face out of the water, although just barely. If I made it any deeper, the pool would be hard to use for anyone of the same height as me or lower.


I guess we should make some lifebuoys. Or maybe some kickboards? Oh, I guess I should add some slides later on. That’ll make things more fun.


I thought of things like that while doing a front crawl.


“I’ve never seen anyone swim the way you’re doing it.”

“Huh? You mean, you don’t know about the front crawl?”

“I don’t.”

“Me neither. It’s also not taught in military swimming excercises…”


It seemed like the front crawl wasn’t a well-known way to swim in this world.

Millia who couldn’t swim aside, Selen and Selius-kun did breaststrokes.


“It’s faster to swim this way, I’d say. If you’d like, I can teach you how to do it.”


Not that there was any need to swim quickly at the moment. Especially since this was a lazy river pool.


“Hmm, that way of swimming kind of resembles the method that’s been passed down to us by our ancestors. The way you’re moving your feet is different though; it’s also my first time seeing that.”


Philia-san, now wearing proper swimwear, appeared by the poolside and commented so.

…the swimsuit she wore was a high-cut one-piece, so it was little concerning, but it was a thousand times preferable than just being naked.

I’m sure even Selius-kun’ll––




“Still noooooo!?”



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