Chapter 133: This’ll make cooling down so much fun

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As summer approached, the temperature steadily rose.

Needless to say, this wasteland was quite a harsh environment, but more so in the summer and in the winter. The summers here were scorching hot and the winters freezing cold.

It was quite a different story indoors though. After all, in a large house, temperature and humidity were always kept at comfortable levels. The apartment buildings also had this feature, of course, so villagers were commenting something along the lines of “it’s summer already, but it’s still so pleasant here”.


Nevertheless, the temperature outdoors remained an issue.

As such, I have been receiving plenty of requests for ways to cool down, especially from farmers and other folks whose jobs required them to be outdoors.


“That’s why I’ve been thinking of building a swimming pool.”

“A swimming pull?”

“I’ve never heard of that.”


Staring blankly at me were Millia and Selen. I then explained what a pool was.


“It’s a facility where you can play in the water. You know, to dive in, swim in, or just floating around.”

“Hmm, so, kind of like a man-made river?”


Philia-san asked me that while tilting her head.


“Pretty much, but…well, I think it’s better to just show you.”


We then headed to a vacant spot in the village.


I wanted to make a pool, but unfortunately, “pool” wasn’t in the list of facilities I could directly make with my Gift. So, to make one, I planned on using a canal.


<<Canal: a canal made of stone. Automatically cleans itself, preventing the accumulation of trash and sludge.>>


The water within was supposedly clean, so there should be no problem in swimming in it.

After building one, I made it stretch and then made it bend until its endpoints touched each other. In other words, I made it form a large circle. I intentionally left the wall separating the endpoints still standing though.


“Alright, I’ll just slowly move this wall…”


When I gently pushed the wall, the water began moving along with it.

Before long, the water in the canal loop flowed like a river. Yes, I made a lazy river pool.


“You really did make an artificial river…”

“Amazing. This’ll make cooling down so much fun.”

“Impressive as always, Luke-sama.”


I planned on making this pool open to the public, but for the sake of safety, I thought it best to have a small number of people try it out first.


“We should probably undress, right? But how much? We’re outdoors, so being fully naked like at a public bathhouse won’t do…should we get dress down to our underwear?”

“Actually, I have something.”


What I took out were clothes made with special fabric that were elastic and quick-drying.


“The texture’s nice, isn’t it? And it’s so stretchy.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“I’ve had it made in the clothing workshop.”


<<Workshop: A workplace that can be used for things like fine arts, industrial arts, blacksmithing, and dressmaking. Improves one’s creativity as well as one’s skills.>>


One of the workshops I built specialized in making clothes. Recently, thanks to their excellent quality, the clothes made there have been really selling well in the village. It was a hit particularly among the women.


And to that clothing workshop, I made a request to design and make clothes exclusively for swimming, the so-called swimsuits.

At least in the sea-less Albert territory, these swimsuits should be the first of their kind.


“Are these your idea, Luke-sama? You’re so amazing. I doubt any of us would have thought of it.”


…it’s all due to the knowledge my previous life had though.


“There are so many kinds. A lot of them’s got cute designs too. It’s so hard to choose.”

*(Some are so revealing…are those for me, Luke-sama…? Fufufu, then so be it, I’ll use those to charm you…!)*


I then built some sheds so that Millia and the rest had a place to change in.


By the way, I left all the design choices to the craftsmen in the workshop. Not once did I tell them to make ones that had hardly any fabric, yet here those designs were.


“How about you, Selius-kun? There’s some for men too.”

“I-I don’t…”

“No need to hold back. Look, Philia-san’s going for a swim too.”

“W-w-w-w-what’s she got to do with anything!?”


If your face is going to get that red that quickly, everyone’ll know, you know.


“Gah, Philia-san!? What are you doing!?”

“Hm? Going for a swim.”


Standing by the poolside and tilting her head was an elf.

A stark-naked elf.




Oh no, so much blood’s coming out of Selius-kun’s nose!!!




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