Chapter 98: Doesn’t know when to give up

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“Beg your pardon, Sedes-sama, but while we were able to meet with Selen-sama, we failed to convince her to come back.”

“…I see.”


After hearing such a report, Sedes sighed.

He had sent numerous emissaries now, but all had failed to convince Selen to come back home.



“Is there something else?”

“Y-yes. It’s about this…”


The retainer said so and then brought out a letter of resignation.


“…Are you saying that even you want to move to that city?”

“T-thousand apologies! It’s just…it’s just that it’s so wonderful there! The food’s delicious, and the lodgings are so comfortable! They also have this large, pleasant bath that you can use anytime!”


Sedas has grown so tired of hearing the same excited speech that he couldn’t even muster a sigh anymore.

After all, each of the emissaries he has sent to that city has, without exception, decided to move there.

They were sent to take back Selen, but they ended up being taken instead. As the saying goes, many go out for wool and come home shorn.


“Ingrates, every single one of them! After all I’ve done for their careers, for their lives, they’re going to leave just like that!? And for what, a city in some wasteland!”


After the retainer left the premises, Sedes shouted so.

Sending another subordinate without careful thought was no longer an option.


“Just what the hell do they see in that city…!”


At that moment…


“It sounds like you’re having trouble persuading sister to come home, father.”

“Ohh, Selius! You’re back!”

“Yes. I’ve just arrived.”


As an ally of the Albert house, the Bazurata house also participated in the recent war.

This was Selius’s first campaign, but according to the reports that Sedes has received, he performed spectacularly.


He possessed both [Dual Wield] and [Green Magic], making him a Double Gift like his older sister.

Another thing he had in common with his sister was his appearance. He looked so much like her that others would sometimes mistake him for a girl. Not that any of that mattered in the battlefield, especially when he and his sister individually demonstrated enough strength to make the enemies shake in fear.


“Anyway, my dear sister’s selfishness is putting us in quite a bind, isn’t it?”

“So, you’ve heard… I didn’t imagine that Luke-sama would have such an ability though. It’s hard to tell which one between him and Raul-sama would have the greater strength in the future, so maybe your sister’s actions aren’t so bad.”

“No, it’s very clear, father.”


Selius confidently declared so.


“In the end, Luke-sama’s Gift is simply building a city, isn’t it? He cannot possibly match Raul-sama and the [Sword Master Techniques] Gift. I’ve seen it firsthand, and it’s truly extraordinary. Moreover, Raul-sama has mastered the use of his power. Taking down a city is a simple matter for him, especially with the right motivations.”

“I see…”


Nothing could have convinced Sedes more than his son’s firsthand account.


“So now, all we have to worry about is your stubborn sister. No matter what I say, she won’t listen…”

“Maybe she will listen to me. Let me bring her back.”

“Are you sure? You’ve just come back from a war…”

“There’s no need to worry, father. Truth be told, I’ve been quite unable to sit still since I’ve returned from the battlefield. Hopefully, this mission will solve that.”

“Selius…before I knew it, you’ve grown to be so reliable…”


Sedes was moved to tears at his son’s growth.

However, a thought suddenly crossed his mind.

What if even Selius is tempted to move to that city…? No, no, I should have faith in my son.


“Very well then, please bring your sister home.”

“Yes, leave it to me, father.”


Ultimately, Sedes decided to send off his son with a smile.


  ◇ ◇ ◇


“Selen-sama, another emissary from your noble house has come.”

“Another one? My stubborn father really doesn’t know when to give up.”


Recently, emissaries have been coming from Selen’s home.

The first ones arrived about 3 weeks ago. They were sent to ascertain whether the rumors about our village—which have apparently reached even Selen’s family’s domain—have any truth to them.

Of course, their main goal in all of this was to bring Selen back home.


Not wanting to live in hiding, Selen met with the first emissaries and told them that she wouldn’t be coming home. After days of trying to persuade Selen and failing, the emissaries decided to give up and come home.

…after some time though, the same emissaries arrived to the village again. This time, they had a different purpose.


“Please, let us move here! We’ve already resigned our post, so there’s no conflict now. We beg of you, please let us migrate!”


When pressed for details, the emissaries said they enjoyed the time they spent here so much, they knew they just had to move here.

It wasn’t just the first emissaries though. Each group sent by the Bazurata house ended up moving to the village.


With such results, Selen thought that her father would soon give up on trying…


“Doesn’t he realize that if he keeps this up, he’ll have no retainer left? I wonder, should we send this one away before they even set foot in the village?”

“Selen-sama, this one identifies himself as your younger brother.”

“Eh? Selius?”



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    Lol, they should make a funny doujin on how every emissary/living being gets cucked by a certain village building skill lmaoo


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