Chapter 89: I think it likes the soil in the fields!

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Much to the monster’s surprise, it found unbelievably rich soil. After placing down its roots and nourishing itself, the monster was ecstatic and full of vitality.

Not only that, it was also relaxed. The anger it had just a few moments ago had vanished without a trace. In fact, it had forgotten the very reason it came to this place. Instead, it was busy merrily swaying its branches.




Now that it has known of this pleasure, it didn’t want to be without it anymore.

From that moment on, it has decided to live at this place.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


“Is it safe to get near it?”

“It’s best to be careful; it might just be trying to lure us into a trap.”

“Tree Dragons aren’t known to be that smart though.”


For some reason, the Tree Dragon stopped in the middle of the fields and hasn’t moved an inch since.

It looked nothing more than a normal large tree right now.


We have come down from the observation tower and into the fields, and so far, it hasn’t shown any signs of attacking.




At times, it would shake its branches. It almost seemed jolly.


“Eep! What’s this large tree doing here?”

“Neruru, sorry for calling you out here even though you’re safer being underground.”


A nervous Neruru arrived. She had the [Heart of the Animals] Gift, so she was the one who usually takes care of our domestic animals.


“Please don’t worry about it! But, ahm, what am I supposed to do here? Also, where’s the Tree Dragon? Has it been driven away?”

“It’s right in front of us. It’s that large tree.”

“Eh? …eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?”


Neruru hurriedly took two to three steps back.


“For some reason, when t it arrived at this place, it just stopped. I was thinking that maybe you can find out the reason why.”

“Sorry, I don’t think I can be of any help. My Gift lets me understand the feelings of animals, but not of plants…”


While looking at the Tree Dragon, Neruru said so.

After a few moments…


“I’m not sure, but… I think it likes the soil in the fields!”

“Oh, you understood it?”

“No, I can just sort of tell! Unlike with the farm animals, I’m not at all certain this time!”


The Tree Dragon was more monster than plant, so we thought that there might be a chance that it was close enough to being considered an animal.

There was little harm in confirming it, so we decided to give it a go. For us to get anything out of that shot in the dark was enough for me.




As though to prove what Neruru said to be fact, the Tree Dragon swayed it branches merrily.


And before I knew it, my Intruder Detection village skill stopped giving an alarm.


“Hmm, well, I guess I don’t mind you staying here. Just don’t suddenly attack people, alright?”


Understood, it seems to say!”


It’s quite perceptive.


Something then fell from the top of its head.


“Is that a fruit…?”


It was absurdly large.

By my estimate, it seemed about the same size as my head.


“The fruit of a Tree Dragon is known to be very nutritious, making it great for health tonics and such. It’s even said that if taken on a regular basis, it’ll slow down your aging. It’s such a rare item though.”

“Yeah, seriously. It’s so rare that some kings had squandered their entire nation’s fortune just to obtain one.”


Philia-san and Selen said so.

It was so much more amazing than I initially thought.


“So, are you saying you’re giving this to us?”



Is it supposed to commemorate us being acquainted or something?


“Then, I gratefully accept. Thank you.”


I’ll be giving you the next one I make as well, so come by then, it says!”


After this and that, our village gained a new companion(?).

…just in case, I should tell the other villagers not to get too close though.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


We had resolved the village’s crisis.

The whole thing happened early in the morning, so I haven’t had any breakfast. To solve the next issue, I decided to come back home.


“Well then, I’ll go fix something up right away.”

“Thanks a lot, Millia.”


Huh? What was I doing before the whole Tree Dragon thing again? …I feel like there was something important I wanted to discuss with Millia… oh well, I’m sure I’ll remember it sooner or later.


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  1. bellcross13 said:

    I wonder what will happen if he upgraded the field soil.
    The Tree Dragon might just die out of Happiness 😅


  2. Guilherme Franco said:

    What a tree.


  3. I just realized 🤔 this could be a convoluted plan by the tree dragon.. the soil would probably be gone once Luke dies, so he/she’s slowing down his age-ing so he/she’ll get to enjoy the magical fields for a lot longer 😄 maybe even forever if he/she keeps feeding him the fruit everytime he/she bears one

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  4. Anonymous said:

    I cant help but feel that the tree dragon became a friendly american. Instead of oil, it SOIL!

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    Poor farmer.
    Happily working his field and one day the Treants just waltz in and take over.
    *Boo hoo hoo* My farm…my fields…all my wheat…
    I can’t pay my taxes and my family will starve to death.

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  6. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    I think Tree Dragon will be Village’s guardian too..
    Oh my god imagine his dum dum bro attacking his Village later when everyone inside the Village are bug-like characters lmao.

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  7. Anonymous said:

    Apples that slow aging? Somebody is going to be happy with a permanent shota.

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  8. Thank you!

    I was really hoping it would become the first monster villager, but it wasn’t even properly tamed.


  9. Diana Kurosawa said:

    Millia got saved by the tree… dragon~

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