Chapter 79: Just that’s enough to change the field of dungeon exploring, I think

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“…if you build houses and apartment buildings here, living here won’t only be possible, it’ll be quite easy, wouldn’t it?”


In front of the storehouse I just built within the dungeon, Selen commented so, apparently amazed.


“So, basically, even by yourself, you can make a city within a dungeon. Just that’s enough to change the field of dungeon exploring, I think.”


Philia-san grumbled.

Building a city, a safezone within the dungeon, would certainly make exploration a whole lot easier. I’ve heard that this has been successfully done in some dungeon.


“I bet that took a lot of manpower. I mean, to begin with, they had to bring large number of materials into a dungeon full of traps and monsters.”

“But for the chief, all he has to do is walk up to the place. Empty handed, even.”

“““The village chief’s amazing…”””


For some reason, the others looked at me with respect.

…I just built a storehouse. No need for that much awe.


At any rate, we put our yield for today into that storehouse. No longer carrying anything other than the necessary supplies, we descended to the next level.


By the way, there seemed to be another path that would lead to this staircase. If we perhaps took the left route at the first fork, it was possible that we would somehow still end up here.


“The feel of this place has changed quite a bit.”

“They look like man-made structures.”


Like what Selen and Philia-san said, rather than being like the same cavern as before, this level felt like some kind of ruin made of stone.

Looking ahead, I immediately realized that this level was far more complex than the one before. It had far more branching paths and almost seemed like a maze.


“T-this way…”


We believed in Kamuru-san’s instincts and proceeded without hesitation.

We still encountered traps and monsters, of course.

In addition to the minotaur that were present in the previous level, this level also hosted Bad Bats—vampiric bat monsters—and Saber Snakes—snake monsters that had sword-like fangs.

An individual bad bat wasn’t particularly strong, but because it tended to appear and attack in groups, it was an even more troublesome monster than a minotaur. Furthermore, because it can fly and thus can attack from over our heads, our strategy using shields was pretty much useless.


“Damn it, what troublesome enemies!”

“Are they calling more of its kind? I swear, it looks like there’s more of them now!”

“Ouch! Let go, damn you!”


Once it gets a chance to bite, a bad bat wouldn’t let go for a while. If a number of them manages to latch on to you, they would likely drain you of blood until you’re dead.


“Everyone, get inside!”


I hurriedly made a small house and told everyone to get inside.

Even with so few of us, we just barely managed to fit.

With the door closed, the bad bats couldn’t get inside. That didn’t stop them from trying though. We could clearly hear the sound of them chewing on the walls.


“…I see. Your buildings can also be used as temporary evacuation spots.”

“And thanks to this, we’re safe for the moment. Now, Sophia, if you please.”

“Right away.”


Sophia-san was an elf that had the Gift called [White Magic]. This allowed her to heal our wounds.


“But while they can’t attack us here, we also can’t attack them.”

“Leave that matter to me.”


While standing near a window in the wall, Selen said so and refined her magic power.

Not long after, she opened the window and unleashed her powerful ice magic. As soon as the last of her ice blades had flown, she closed the window once again.


“I see. Indeed, if we do it like this, we can attack them without giving them a chance to fight back.”


After nodding as though to give praise, Philia-san proceeded to ready her own magic and joined the attack. They repeated Selen’s tactic over and over.


Huh? There’s still one left?


Now that I had made this area a part of the village, all my other village skills were useable here too. That included Intruder Detection.

We thought we had defeated all of the bad bats, but Intruder Detection told me that one still remained. When I looked at where it was supposed to be, I saw something tiny fleeing with all haste deeper into the dungeon.



“What’s wrong, Luke?”

“I thought there was still a bat left, but what I saw didn’t look like one.”


Unlike a bat, the tiny figure I saw was more colorful.

It looked more like butterfly…


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“Why is there suddenly a building like that in my dungeon thoooooooooouuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? Who are those guyssssssssssssssssssssss!? How are they able to make it this far this quicklyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?”


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