Chapter 71: S-sorry to alarm you

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“Alright, I’m gonna use customization on this…”


The drawing in the stone tablet in mind, I made the stone wall taller. After that, I carved out the arms and legs, and then the head part.




Looking at the golem I made in an instant, Dona let out a voice of amazement.

I must say, the one I made and the one illustrated in the tablet were extremely alike.


“Want to see it move?”


I used Facility Customization further to make the golem’s limbs move.

Keeping it balanced was quite hard though…


“It moved!”

“Yeah, but this is the more exciting part.”



I made the golem stoop forward until its arms almost touched the ground.


“Look, you can use the arms to climb up.”



I took the surprised Dona by the hand and led her to the arm of the golem that served as steps. Like that, we managed to climb atop the golem.


“Look, you can get inside.”



Through the entrance in the golem’s temporal region, we were able to go into its head.

There was nothing at all in the cavity at that point, so I quickly made a window in the front so that we could see outside, and also seats for us to sit on.  


“Alright, let’s take a stroll around the village.”



While riding the golem like that, I made it move.


There was quite a bit of vibration inside. It was also much harder to maneuver from within.

Yet, despite that, Dona bounced up and down every time the golem did anything.


“Amazing! Amazing! It moves! It moves! Amazing!”


She was so shy and silent just a few moments ago, but right now, she was shouting with glee. Her eyes even sparkled.


“H-hey, what’s, what’s that!?”

“A golem? But how did it get in the village!?”

“Wait, look there, I think someone’s riding it!”


While we were taking a stroll on the golem, the villagers gathered.


“S-sorry to alarm you.”

“““Village chief!?”””


The villagers reacted like that when I waved to them.

We then continued our stroll until we’ve done a lap around the village.

As a result…




…we got sick.


Dona and I got down and quickly vomited.

Dona’s face, which was bright red from excitement earlier, was now ghastly pale.

I had no doubt that my face was looking the same though.


The vibrations within the golem eventually made us feel nauseated. And that was just after one lap.


“This isn’t meant to be ridden, is it…”


“I wonder, is the ancient weapon in the stone tablet any different?”


It was possible that the one depicted in the stone tablet was comfortable to ride in. Otherwise, fighting with it would be hard, if not impossible.


“Must be.”

“Yeah, that’d be amazing. Kinda hard to imagine that the dwarves of today could make that though…”

“Someday, I’ll build it, this weapon.”


With eyes full of determination, Dona declared so.

Once she gets her Gift next year, she might just be able to build it.


However, once such a thing was made, what then?

Weapons were instruments of war.

Would the one she makes be used for killing a great number of people?


The dwarves from ancient times even used their mighty weapons to conquer the world…


“Dona…why are you so determined to build that weapon?”



Dona thought for a while before answering my question.


“……because we are weak. And that’s why…we’ve always had to stay inside our cavern…but even then, we were driven out…if we had a powerful weapon then…we could have fought back…”



I was speechless after hearing her.

Certainly, the power to fight was also the power to protect.

Our village was a testament to that. If we had no power whatsoever, we would have fallen already to the likes of the bandits and the orc horde.


No matter how much we might wish for it, eternal peace just wasn’t possible.

Somewhere down the line, a force wishing to harm our village would definitely appear.


Yeah, and we need to have enough power to fight… Not just to attack, but to protect the whole village.


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  1. Very good, Luke is making out his mind to fight for his home. I can see a future where the high and mighty Sword Master will be squished by a Gundam.


  2. Luke finally realized weapons, powerful weapons, are for more than just waging war. It a tool to protect friend and family.


  3. laharl8080 said:

    if you want peace kill all hostile then nobody will hurt you or what precious to you..
    it is better to be feared than loved.


  4. Thanks for the new chapter!


  5. Heh, the thing just needs a few servos in the cockpit and suspension on the legs and the thing is golden hahaha

    Thanks for the chapter!!!


  6. “If you want peace, prepare for war.” – Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus
    “To preserve peace is to prepare for war.” – James Hetfield
    “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” – Theodore Roosevelt


  7. Thank you!

    Our village chief has finally realised somebody else, not just monsters and bandits, might come to attack his village.

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  8. Let loose the Gundams of War and teach these heathens the true enlightenment that comes with accepting Luje Sama as their Overlord and Savior!

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  9. Reman Scimitar said:

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.


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