Chapter 60: It looks to me like you need my strength right now

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The elves were firing their arrows in unison.

Their arrows were hitting the orc king, but his skin and muscles were so thick that the arrows didn’t look like they were doing any damage. Rather than hurt him, the arrows merely irritated him.


After that volley, Selen rushed forward.

The orc king swung his arm to strike her, but she dodged by a hair’s breadth and even counterattacked with magic at pointblank range. Her ice arrow struck the orc king’s leg, but even that didn’t seem to have much effect.

Watching Selen fight was so nerve-racking. I wish she didn’t take that much risk!


“Get behind us…!”

“Selen-dono, use your magic from behind us!”


As though the two had the same thoughts I did, Noel-kun and Goate-san hurriedly stood in front of her with their shields.


And so, while the two were stopping the orc king’s attacks, arrows and magic were dealing damage to the enemy. At times, sword and spear attacks were mixed in whenever there was enough of an opening.

However, this strategy of ours placed a heavy burden on the two shield-bearers. Intercepting the orc king’s attacks would occasionally send them flying again. Each time though, they would stand back up and continue fighting, despite being wounded all over.


“Noel! This can’t be your limit, right!? There’s no way someone with your Gift will be exhausted way before me, right!?”

“Of course…I can still…fight! This village, I’ll protect it!!!”


Goate-san who had [Herculean Strength] goaded Noel-kun who had [Shield Master Techniques]. In response, Noel-kun roared back.

The two of them should have reached their limit a long time ago though…


“Even if we used the few potions we had, it might still not be enough to make much of a difference. At this rate…”


As though sensing as well that the fight was going in our favor, Selen’s face was distorted with irritation while she attacked with her magic.

It was then that…


“It looks to me like you need my strength right now.”

“!? You…”


The man who appeared before Selen was someone who could rival an orc in size.

This man was Dorial, the leader of the bandit group that attacked our village.

In his hand was a shield like those carried by Noel-kun and Goate-san.


“I’m no expert in using a shield, but…well, it don’t look like anyone other than me can do this, so can’t be helped.”

“Why, why are you…?”

“I’ve said it before, didn’t I? If you ever need my strength, you’ll have it. Don’t you agree that you need it now?”


Dorial replied so to Selen and then snorted.

He then proceeded to charge into the orc king with his shield.





Thanks to Dorial’s shield bash, the orc king was greatly thrown off balance.

Like I thought, if there was anyone who could help the Noel-kun and Goate-san, it would be this guy.


((Thanks, Satin.))

((I never would have thought that the boss would do something for this village though…))


Through Satin, I had asked Dorial for his cooperation.

I was naturally anxious on letting him out of the prison, but I was more concerned at the moment on lightening Noel-kun and Goate-san’s burden.


“Guaah!? Damn it, is this giant pig really this strong!? Am I not going to last long against you, you bastard!?”


Well, there was only so much he could do to help the two shield-bearers.

Dorial’s Gift was [Axe Techniques], so unless he was using an axe, he was just another man with a large physique. Asking him to endure as much as the two was just unfair.


Nevertheless, with 3 shield bearers, we were fighting in a safer manner than before.

Whenever the chance presented itself, Rando-kun would poke with his spear. Similarly, Balrath-san and Perun-san would occasionally slash at the orc king’s back and then quickly withdraw.

The villagers with magic-type Gifts have been firing their magic attacks as much as they could, ready to use all of their magic power if they have to.

The elves were similarly firing their arrows non-stop. In fact, their fingers were now bleeding due to repeated drawing of their bows.




Thanks to everyone’s perseverance, the orc king was gradually accumulating damage.

It now had wounds all over his body. Occasionally, he would even become staggered.


Yet, for all that, he still had no trouble swaying his arms to attack our vanguard.


“Everyone, just wait a little bit more…”


While I was watching with bated breath like that…


<<1214 village points have been acquired as your daily income of village points.>>


Finally, it’s here!


Each day, I am given a number of village points. And because the number of my villagers have exceeded a thousand already, I earned more than 1000 points each day.


“Everyone, get away from there!”



Thanks to their trust in me, everyone quickly distanced themselves from the orc king even though I didn’t give them an explanation as to why.




Not wanting to let the villagers get away, the orc king chased after them. However, I immediately built a stone wall in front of him.

This stone wall was thicker and taller than any I’ve built before. Even the orc king shouldn’t be able to destroy this one so easily.




Perhaps it was because he sensed danger that he hurriedly tried to escape.

Of course, I didn’t let him. I built special stone walls that formed a コshape. Together with the first one, the orc king was now fully enclosed. Even through the thick walls, I could tell how confused the orc king was to be in such a situation.

The sound of stone being repeatedly pounded could also be heard through the wall, but…


“It’s useless.”


Like when I was making weapons, I used facility customization to make the stone in the walls be as condensed as possible.

With the walls being this reinforced, even the super strong orc king shouldn’t be able to make any significant damage any time soon.


“Now for an observation tower…”


On top of the walls—which formed a square—I built an observation tower.

If I use facility customization on it and condensed it enough, it would fall in between the walls.


“The observation tower’s made of stone, so I think that should be heavy enough.”


Even the orc king should be crushed by that much weight.






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