Chapter 41: M-more! Harder!

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While most of the bandits we arrested have been reformed and were now devoting themselves to the improvement of the village, two of them still haven’t been reformed.

One of them was a man so large, he made the cell he was in seem so cramped.


When I approached this man, only his eyes moved toward me. This made me unconsciously take a step back.


Name: Dorial

Age: 36

Village Bond Level: Low

Suitable Occupation: Soldier

Gift: Axe Techniques


The man I was referring to was the leader of the bandits.


“No matter what I do, this one won’t budge. Doesn’t even show a reaction. This one’s got balls. I can see why he’s the boss of the bandits.”


Granny said so, almost as though in admiration.


“He’s too dangerous to let loose. Why don’t you consider executing him, hmm?”


…as always, granny said such a disturbing thing nonchalantly.

On the other hand, Dorial didn’t flinch, didn’t even move his eyebrows in reaction to what granny just said.

I didn’t know if it was because he has looked at the face of death many times before, but he sure had nerves of steel.


But then, he suddenly spoke.


“…that blue-haired girl, where is she?”

“Huh? You mean Selen?”

“Is that the name of the girl who beat me?”


Why is he asking about Selen though?


“I’ll never follow someone weaker than me.”


“But if it’s that girl, I don’t mind obeying what she says.”



…I decided to invite Selen here.


“So he says, but…”



Selen glared at the giant on the other side of the iron bars.


“What are you scheming? Do you think we’ll let you out just because you say something like that?”

“I’m not scheming anything. You’ve defeated me and I just want to show deference.”


“Of course, I’m not saying you have to let me out now or the deal’s over. All I’m saying is if you ever need my strength, you’ll have it.”


Certainly, having this man’s strength in times of emergencies would be helpful, but…

I decided to put a hold on making a decision for now and check on the other remaining prisoner.


“Here is the other one.”

“Isn’t this guy the first one we captured, granny?”


In the corner of the now almost empty jailhouse was the bandit we used to trap and capture the others.


Name: Baal

Age: 23

Village Bond Level: Low

Suitable Occupation: Grunt

Gift: None


“…! Old hag, you’ve come again!”

“Who’s the old hag!? You want to die!?”


Granny shouted so. For some reason though, it seemed like Baal’s body trembled not out of fear like the others would have, but out of excitement.

Granny proceeded to strike him with a stick made of wood, the sound of each hit echoing in the prison.


“Ahii!! M-more! Harder!”


Baal seemed to be enraptured by each painful hit and even asked granny to hit harder.

With a look of disgust on her face, granny then stamped on Baal’s nether region.


“Damn this giant pervert!”

“~~~~~~~!? Ah, AHH! Ahh, haa, haa…”



Just watching made me cover my important bits.




Baal drooled and writhed on the ground.

However, not one trace of anguish could be found on his face.

There was only pleasure.


“W-wow…that was, wow…so amazing…ueheheheheehehehehehee…”




While looking down at Baal like he was some kind of insect, granny released a sigh.


“As you can see, nothing I do works on this one.”

“How did he become like this though?”

“Beats me. He was responding normally to the pain at first, but…little by little, he became pleased with it instead.”


He became pleased with the pain? How does that work…?


“Because he’s like this, I don’t think any amount of rehabilitation using my methods will do any good.”

“What are you talking about, old hag!? Come on, punish me more!”

“Recently, because he knows it make me angry, he has been purposely calling me that. This is my first time to meet a pervert like this…if possible, I would like to have nothing to do with him anymore.”


Granny ended up being the one scared.


“……I guess I’ll have to postpone judgment on this one as well.”


His village bond level said [Low], but it was still too dangerous—for different reasons— to release him.

So, like with Dorial, I decided put a hold on making any decision.


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  1. There’s more to strength than hitting things really hard. This bear bandit asshole and his shitty dad need to understand that.


  2. Thanks for the new chapter!


  3. Thank you again!

    You might beat a grunt, but you can’t beat a grunt.


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