Chapter 39: Father, am I dreaming right now?

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“Haaa…I’m so terribly sorry. I got too into it.”

“It’s alright. Don’t worry. And I agree, constantly warring is pretty absurd.”


When he came to his senses, Mack, the village chief of Mao, apologized.

When I voiced my opinion, Mack-san was shocked, like he couldn’t believe the lord’s son would say that.


“So, just to summarize, you came here to ask if some of your people can work here so that your village will have enough to get through the winter?”

“Yes, that’s exactly it…”

“Sure, that’s fine. But why not just migrate here? We’re open to accept any number of people. We have more than enough food, so if you want, you can even bring all of your villagers here.”



In this age, it wasn’t uncommon for people to leave their villages and go to some other place.


At any rate, Mack-san mentioned that this might be the biggest war yet.

If so, I could hazard a guess as to who the Albert territory would be fighting next.


The Schenger house was neighbors with the Albert house. They didn’t have a great relationship though.

Moreover, they were also one of the five major powers. If the Albert house somehow manages to defeat the Schenger house, the Albert house would have the largest territory out of all the major noble houses.


“Will Raul be in the battlefield? Not that it has anything to do me…”


During that point in the conversation, the hunting team returned.


“We’re back. We caught a lot today.”


Selen said so ecstatically.

When I looked, it was as she said, they really caught a lot of game today.

In preparation for winter, our hunters have been hunting tirelessly. Still, their haul today was something else.


“Woah, what a beautiful girl––!? Waa!!”


Manta-san looked at Selen and had an easy-to-read expression. However, once his vision wandered toward the thing behind her—toward today’s catch—he fell down on his butt.




Even Mack-san was shocked when he saw it. This time, he looked like he was about to run away.


“Please calm down; there is nothing to worry about. Look, it’s already dead, see?”

“What’s going on? Did, did you guys…that orc???”

“Yes, a team of ours hunted it down in the forest over there. Among other things, of course.”



Apparently, today’s catch included 5 aru-mirage and 3 orcs.

Our hunters focused on hunting monsters because their meat was tastier than regular beasts.


As great as a catch this was though, Selen wouldn’t be brimming with pride like that. I mean, they have caught 3 orcs in a single hunt before.


“Fufufu, direct your eyes over there.”


I looked toward where she was pointing at. There, I saw an incredibly large thing being dragged toward us.


“Eh? What’s that?”

“It’s called a giant boar.”


It was pig-like monster.

It was easily over 5 meters in length, and even if it was standing on all four legs, it would still be taller than me.

There were also formidable-looking tusks protruding near its snout. Even an orc would probably fall from a charge done by this beast.


“Wait, how’d you manage to take that down…?”

“As soon as Noel and Goathe stopped its movement with their shields, the rest of us attacked its head all at once. The iron shields you made were pretty useful, Luke.”


Selen’s explanation made it sound so easy.


In addition to the swords and spears, I also made shields from the iron bars in the jailhouse. The ones Noel-kun—who had [Shield Master Techniques]—and Goathe-san—who had [Herculean Strength]—used were much bigger than usual.

Yet, upon closer inspection, those giant, bulky shields had deep dents in them.

I shivered at the might of a giant boar’s charge.


By the way, the one dragging the giant boar was Goathe-san.

He was in his mid-thirties and had a height of 170cm at most. However, thanks to his Gift, he could easily drag monsters so much bigger than him over long distances.

…it was a surreal sight to behold.


““Ahh… ahhh… ahhh…””


Meanwhile, whether by the giant boar or by Goathe-san unbelievable strength, Mack-san and Manta-san were at a loss for words.


“Father, am I dreaming right now?”

“…want me to pinch you?”

“Yeah, please…Ouch! Ah, it hurts, it’s really not…aw, aw, aw… Father, you can stop now, aw, aw!”


The two seemed really close.

…I’m a bit envious, actually.                                                                                                                                       


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  3. a concern of mine: what tf is the monarch or government doing. are they just going to watch the noble houses wage war on others? or are they a bunch of independent nobles or something.


    • It said before that the power of the royalty had waned. Think of the nation being like the Warring States Period of China


    • hoang303030 said:

      this is quite normal in the medieval period actually, especially in the European kingdom where a king is just considered as the biggest lord out of all the nobles, if you have the power, then you can just overthrow the king and be the new king, bloodline didn’t matter much since every noble were related to each other somehow anyway. Just like how the British royals are basically siblings of the French royals.


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