Chapter 34: You’re brushing it aside like that?!

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“It doesn’t make sense…”


It was evening.

While laying on the bed, I tilted my head in bewilderment.


A double bed came along with the upgrade to a medium-sized house. It was definitely better than the bed in the small house.

Even if three people slept on it, it shouldn’t feel so cramped.

That wasn’t the problem though…


“What’s the matter, Luke-sama?”

“What doesn’t make sense?”


Millia and Selen asked me so.


“Don’t act like you don’t know! This, this doesn’t make sense! I’ve made a bed for each of you, so why are you here acting like you’re gonna sleep beside me!?”


I had used Facility Customization to add two more beds.

Obviously, I had also notified the two about it.

Yet, for some strange reason, they were still with me tonight.


“Luke-sama, staying up late’s bad for your body.”

“You’re brushing it aside like that?!”

“Yeah, Luke. Let’s stop talking and just sleep.”

“You too, Selen?!”


It seems like these two will sleep here no matter what. Fine. I’ll just go somewhere else to sleep.


When I tried to get out of bed though, I was pulled back and locked into place.


“Where are you going, Luke-sama?”

“To the toilet…”

“But you just went, right?”


“Let’s go to bed now.”

“Good night, Luke.”


These two were usually at odds with each other, but when it came to things like this, their teamwork was impeccable. So much so that I wasn’t able to get a word in to object.


“Haa… Fine… Good night…”


I accepted my fate of sleeping sandwiched by Millia and Selen.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“Selen’s hunting group hasn’t returned…?”

“Y-yes. They’re usually back around this time…”


Selen and her group had ventured into the forest in the north to hunt. It had gotten late but her group still wasn’t back, causing a bit of commotion in the village.

The aforementioned forest was full monsters. It was dangerous even during the day, but even more so during the night. For that reason, the hunters usually returned well before the sun has set.


“Well, it’s them, so I don’t think there’s much to worry about…”


By the way, because there were some people from the fourth refugee group who had Gifts, the hunting team was now 15 people strong.

And thanks to my Facility Customization, they were decently armed.


Recently, their team has been hunting down a lot of a rabbit-like monster called aru-mirage. Calling it rabbit-like might give the impression that it was cute, but the sharp horn on its head and its over 1-meter-long body would quickly change anyone’s mind.

Moreover, it was quick despite its size. Even an agile soldier would have a have time against it.

That being said, they were not hard prey for our hunting team. Whenever they would go out, they would often bring back 2 to 3 of the said creatures.


“Village Chief! The hunting team’s back!”


While I was thinking of such things, the one on the observation tower reported so.


“And! And they’re carrying some kind of large game!”


After some time, Selen’s group arrived in the village.


“Those are orcs!”

“The hunting team took down orcs!”

“Yes, orcs! Not just one, there’s two of them!”

“Wha­–look how big it is!”


An orc was a monster whose head resembled that of a pig’s.

With a height of over two meters tall, these monsters were indeed huge.

On top of that, they were muscular. So much so that the bandits’ leader looked skinny in comparison.

And there were two of them.


Thankfully, someone in the hunting team had a Gift called [Herculean Strength]. He carried one of the orcs by himself. His strength was truly astonishing.


“No wonder they got home late.”


Selen might say taking down orcs were easy, but for the average person, they were real threats. Even one would be enough to destroy a small village.

The danger they posed was the reason that their meat was so rare and expensive.


And, again, there was two of them right now.

Hmm, yeah, we have little choice but to eat them now.


“Alright, let’s have a barbecue tonight! Everyone, get ready to eat lots of orc meat!”


When I shouted so, the villagers replied with voices of joy.


“We can eat the orc meat!?”

“I thought they’re only for nobles…”

“The chief’s so amazing! I’ll follow you to the ends of the world, chief!”


No, no, your expectations are a bit too much…

I had some back in my parents’ home, and honestly, they were just slightly better pork.

While thinking that, I took some of the cooked orc meat offered to me.




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  1. Anonymous said:

    Even an agile soldier would have a have time against it.
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  2. Thank you!

    So the beds were simply ignored, not what I expected, but it is a solution.

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    • Dinkytinky said:

      It’s exactly what I expected. Are you new to this type of tropes?

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      • No, however some chapters ago I predicted that the beds would ‘accidentally’ break, leaving them no choice but to use the same one as Luke. Yet the girls didn’t even bother and just ignored them.


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    Thanks for the new chapter!


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