Chapter 32: What the hell’s going on in this village?

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I reached the jailhouse.

The bandits within the cells had their eyes on me as soon as I entered, so I couldn’t help but be a bit scared.

I tried to pay it no mind as much as I could though, and concentrated on the task I came here to do. So, I lightly touched the bars separating me from the bandits.


“Hmm, it looks like I can use this.”


My idea was to use Facility Customization on these metal bars and make weapons even stronger than those made of wood.


“But if I start as is, there’ll be a gap between the bars….”


After paying 2 points, the bars in the cell increased by 1.




The bandits—who were still watching me—saw an additional bar suddenly appear, so they were understandably surprised.


I detached one end of the additional bar and made it shorter. Next, I expanded it horizontally, but also flattened it a bit. I then made the disconnected end become pointed.

I repeated these things until the bar was shaped like a sword.

When I was satisfied with its form, I detached the other the end, effectively making it no longer part of the facility.


What dropped to the floor was unmistakably a sword.

This only made the bandits even more clueless as to what was going on.


“I did it! …woah, it’s much heavier than I thought.”


I remarked so after picking it up.

It was quite dense. But then, that should also mean that it was strong.

Now that I think about it though, if I made the swords from the shed to be denser, maybe they would have become stronger as well.


Leaving that thought aside, I decided to strike the wall with the metal sword I made. The impact with the wall caused shockwaves to be transmitted directly to my arms though.


“Ow, ow, ow. I feel like my arms are about to fall off any moment.”


The problem was that the part I was holding was an extension of the blade. In other words, I was holding the blade’s shank.

If I remember right, they usually cover the lower part with wood or leather.


After giving it some thought, I decided to make the hilt with the wood from the shed.

So, I moved the shed next to the jailhouse. Next, I placed the blade’s shank to the outer wall of the shed. I then made the wall wrap itself tightly around the shank. I made sure to make the wood be dense. Once I was satisfied, I detached the finished hilt from the wall.

Obviously, I would have preferred to make the parts—the blade and the hilt—individually first and then combine them at a later time. However, because the sword parts wouldn’t have been considered part of their respective facilities anymore, I wouldn’t have been able to use Facility Customization to combine them.


“Am I dreaming…?”

“…how can you be when I’m seeing the exact same thing…”

“He made a sword out of the metal bar, and then suddenly made a shed appear… what’s the hell’s going on in this village?”


The bandits who saw the whole thing were stunned silly. I mean, it is a bizarre thing to witness.


“Anyway, it’s complete now. The wooden grip should be able to absorb a bit of the shock. While I’m at it, I guess should try to make a spear. Only the tip should be made of metal, I think, and the rest should be made out of wood.”


As long as I made the shaft be compact, it should be strong enough.



After following similar steps, I finished the spear as well. I brought both the sword and the spear to show it to Selen.


“Selen, look, I was able to make decent weapons this time.”

“This is made from…iron? Where did you get it from though?”


Selen was quite surprised by the weapons.

Nevertheless, she summoned Balrath-san and sparred with him again.


This time though, even after several exchanges of blows, the sword I made didn’t break.


“It seems strong enough.”

“Yes. I don’t mind using this in real fights.”


It seemed like the sword passed.

Next, to test the spear, Selen called Rando-kun who had [Spear Techniques].


“It’s so easy to handle. More importantly, its sharpness is so different from the one I’ve been using. With this spear, even I should be able to contribute to our hunts!”


Because Rando-kun has been using a wooden spear until now, he was so delighted to receive the spear I made.


“But where did this spear come from?”

“I made it.”

“You did, village chief?!”


His eyes wide open, Rando-kun shouted so.


“Wow! I promise you, village chief, this spear will never see battle!”

“Huh? Why!?”

“Because it’s the very first item you’ve bestowed upon me. It’s a treasure. No, it’s more than that. It’ll be an heirloom I’ll pass on to my children and my children’s children!”

“No, please, just use it!”


It’s not that grand!


“Ghh…if I knew, I wouldn’t have swung it so carelessly earlier…”


Not you too, Balrath-san!


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