Chapter 30: But if it’s the chief, I don’t think I’d really mind

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Because of the public bathhouse I built, the villagers were greatly delighted.

Right after introducing it to them, many rushed to avail of its services. Especially the women. So much so that they were almost not fitting in the bathtubs.


Also, there already was a case of a young man trying to peep at the women while they were bathing. Unfortunately for him, he was immediately caught and then beaten severely by the women. Afterwards, he was sent to the jailhouse.


Hopefully, that man was enough of an example to discourage everyone else from peeping. The women outnumbered the men in this village, so peeping on them was almost the same as antagonizing the whole village.

In other words: peeping, nope, never.


“But if it’s the chief, I don’t think I’d really mind.”

“Rather, why don’t you take a bath with us, village chief?”

“Yeah. We’d wash your back for you.”

“No, thank you! I absolutely can’t do that!”


After turning down such an absurd invitation from the ladies, I hurriedly ran away.

Geez, when are they ever going to take me seriously?


I escaped until I reached the edge of the village where the newly-built stone walls were.

There was something I wanted to try with Facility Customization.


“I mean, wouldn’t it be really convenient if there was a stair in this side of the wall?”


The ability to climb the wall in an instant would be invaluable in case of an emergency.


And so, I imagined a set of stairs.

It appeared before me in a semi-transparent state. I placed the bottom of the stairs on the ground and then extended it all the way to the top.

All in all, it cost me 5 points.


“I think I should install about eight of these.”


While sticking close to the walls, I walked and installed stairs at set intervals.


“Alright, done…actually, now that I think about it, what if I put holes in the wall? That way, we can attack behind the protection of the walls, right?”


I tested it out.

I was concerned that this hole would be used against us, so I made it to slope downward.

Since I was actually removing parts of the wall, the hole didn’t cost me any points.


“Yeah, but the walls are thicker than I thought…”


The stone walls were more than a meter thick. For that reason, probably only long spears could be used here.

That being said, we hardly had any weapon of any kind here in the village.

The few that we had were mostly made out of wood. As to be expected of wooden weapons though, they weren’t very strong. Yet, it took a lot of effort to make even such weapons.

For those reasons, the only ones who had weapons in the village were the members of the hunting group. Which made the fact that we were able to beat the bandits even more amazing, in my opinion.


“Hmm, I wonder how we can easily get more weapons…”


Our village was in the middle of nowhere, so we were far away from any town or city where we could procure weapons.


“Wait, hold on.”


I suddenly had an idea and headed for the center of the village.

After a while I reached the very first facility I built: the shed.

No one was living here anymore, so it was nothing but a storage space now.


“Maybe I can borrow some wood from this shed…”


I imagined carving out a portion of the shed’s wall into a rod shape.

Like that, a semi-transparent rod indeed protruded out from the wall and floated in the air. After confirming Yes, the rod materialized and dropped to the ground.


“It worked! If used like this, Facility customization can do even this, huh.”


Even though I was still surprised, I proceeded to customize the rod further. However, this time, no matter how much I pictured it, nothing happened.


“Huh? What’s the deal?”

<<Once separated from the facility, an item is no longer considered to be a part of the facility.>>


So, once something is detached from the facility, facility customization can no longer be used on it? But if it’s still part of the facility, there should be no problem, right?


I tested out my theory. This time though, while the semi-transparent rod was still attached to the wall, I shaped it into a sword.

When I was done, I separated it from the wall and materialized it.


“It worked!”


Seeing the sword I imagined, I involuntarily let out a shout.

I was able to make a sword in an instant, as opposed to the effort it would take to normally make one.

Like this, we should have no problem mass producing them.


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